IPhone Lost Sales Because of The Antennagate But Is It Worth?

It seems that all the mess with the Antennagate paid off, at least in the United States, since in that country sales of the iPhone 4 have been reduced by 20% – in the rest of the world continue to sell like hotcakes -.

This, in itself, is not a big news given the huge number of articles that have been published on the subject – also at Engadget Mobile-; Moreover, the strange would be otherwise, but after the time elapsed is not more to an analysis in cold for what happened, because do you think was right?

Apple unleashes passions both on the side of the fans of the company and the of those who hate it, but beyond this never-ending anger, there are to recognize is that something will be done well Apple – usability – to become a market leader. It is not in terms of terminals sold, but where it hurts most: telephony section of Apple almost double the benefits of all the other manufacturers together.

If we take into account that sales of iPhones only represent 3% of the total mobile sold, We can assume that managers of other manufacturers must be climbing the walls.

This situation of domain – for companies the domain is always counted on benefits – it raises campaigns, sometimes spontaneous, against the leader, and personally I think that it is what has happened with the Antennagate and the iPhone 4. The reason is very simple: after a little more than one month of use I have not had any problem.

The iPhone 4 It’s not a perfect phone much less, but it is a great phone. It has its flaws and virtues, but despite having a pretty mediocre call quality, coverage is not the big problem they wanted to make us believe. What’s more, I would say that my Nexus One It has a coverage worse than my iPhone 4 – will be my phone, but I’m not the only one who noticed it -.

It is true that the results that are seen in the videos can be played from the Antennagate, but it is not easy, which inevitably affects the credibility of the news that made so much emphasis on those acts discrediting the terminal.

Anyway, I propose an exercise of memory: remember the circumstances of the latest ‘pump News’ of the iPhone -I also recommend doing so before all the potentially disruptive news on any subject -.