IPhone OS 4.0 Beta 3, Resolution of Errors, Improvements and New Features

We already have in our hands the third beta version of Apple’s next operating system for their brand new iPhone. Well, those who can withstand it, something that has not been a dish easy to digest for many users. However, it must be said that those of Cupertino are putting batteries in order to comply with the so-called aim of presenting the iPhone OS 4.0 officially during the WWDC, which starts June 7.

Although, according to reports from some sources, Apple has temporarily withdrawn the beta of circulation due to problems with the SDK installation, some experienced users have managed to implement it in their terminals in order to take a look at the evolution of the new operating system and that we will tell you immediately.

Most notable, according to the first opinions expressed in numerous forums, is faster and the resolution of some bugs introduced in iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 2.

In addition we have included new features and a series of improvements in usability and eye-candy interface. As for example the bottom of paragraph texturing multitasking, very similar to the iPad. The novelty introduced in this section, is that if we slide the icons to the right as it occurs to the Spotlight search engine, appear new controls for the iPod function.

But the most striking is the icon of screen rotation lock, one way to implement via software features that the iPad incorporates through hardware. For those who enjoy some uses of the iPhone in the “horizontal position”, it will come very well.

The blockade involves the appearance of a small icon at the top, next to the clock, indicating the activation of this function. What continues to be a success at the time of access to the greater amount of information of a glance, something that always has been missed in the Apple device.

Finally, in the little that we had opportunity to try check, is the fact that the Elimination of active processes in the background does not require activating this function individually for each one of them. I.e., once we pressed the icon of any active process, all begin with their particular dance from San Vito to disable many processes want of once.

We must always bear in mind that a version is beta and not something definitive, where the end result may differ substantially from what we can go see in the development process, Although it is always good to keep in mind what is what moves them head to the nerds of Cupertino.