Is It Disregarding Google to Its Nexus with The Arrival of The Pixel?

With the announcement of the new Pixel it seems that the current Nexus have passed into the background, or that’s the feeling which is having most users of a Nexus 6, Nexus 9, 5 X or Nexus Nexus 6 p.

After killing the Nexus range, the Pixel and Pixel XL they were presented as the first Google phones, and that is a true blessing. It is true that the Pixel are the mobile first designed and manufactured by Google, but it is also true that the Nexus are also their phones and they were really the first, despite being designed and manufactured with the collaboration of its partners.

In the presentation of the Pixel, Google showed their latest products for Android, as your new application launcher, the Google Assistant, the new design of the navigation bar or the new function Smart Storage that automatically deletes the photos and videos with backup to free up space when we’re running out of storage. All these innovations were presented as features of the new Pixel.

And what about the Nexus?

To date every time you Google announced their new Android knew that those would be the news that we would see in the Nexus once upgraded, but now with the Pixel * has been created great uncertainty *, above all to know that part of the presented novelties of Google together Android 7.1 will be exclusive to the Pixel. We do not know that news will actually receive the Nexus with Android 7.1.

Many users of the Nexus, now we feel abandoned by Google. Most of those who buy a Nexus was to enjoy the full experience of Google and Android, be the first to enjoy updates and new versions of the operating system, but now it appears that the Pixel you will enjoy the new experience of Google, what You can defraud more than one user of the Nexus.

The Nexus continue their support

As Nexus users, you’ve played an integral role in this journey for Google. We’re excited about Pixel, and want you to know that (1/2)

— Nexus (@googlenexus) October 4, 2016

We’ll continue to support Nexus (customer support, software updates, etc.) & @googlenexus will continue to be a place for Nexus convos (2/2) our site/BhgVcH1P56

— Nexus (@googlenexus) October 4, 2016

Following the introduction of the Pixel, Google immediately confirmed that its holder with the Nexus continued with total normality to secure their commitment of the 2 years of operating system updates and 3 years of security updates, It is the same commitment that will have with the new Pixel.

Here all right, but… What about those features announced for the Pixel? Will we see Google Assistant, Pixel Launcher and Smart Storage in our Nexus? Because Google still has not clarified anything, and should do so soon, but analyzing statements made by Google it is possible that many of the functions of the Pixel end up coming to the Nexus and perhaps other Android devices.

On the one hand, the Pixel has been announced as the first phone that will incorporate the Google Assistant from the factory, which is going to brand new exclusive, not that is exclusive, with what will surely end up reaching more devices. It wouldn’t make much sense that the evolution of “Ok Google” do not leave the Pixel, especially when it is already integrated in Allo.

On the other hand we have in new Pixel Launcher, the new launcher that will be exclusive to the Pixel, although perhaps whether a temporary exclusive. This would be nothing new, already spent with Google Now Launcher, which premiered exclusively on the Nexus 5 and the rest of Nexus had to wait about four months to also enjoy this launcher. After the presentation of the Pixel asked Google by this new launcher of the Pixel, and Google confirmed that at the moment it will be exclusive, but they are considering releasing it for more devices later.

There is nothing clear, users who buy a Nexus do not know yet if we are going to enjoy in our new Google experience devices even if we have to wait a little longer to let a temporary exclusive to the Pixel. Google should clarify what news will come to their Nexus with Android 7.1 to calm the waters. Basically the Nexus users ask Google Assistant, the new interface of the Pixel and the new Smart Storage Google photo gallery. I hope to see most of the novelties of the presentation of the Pixel in the Nexus 6, Nexus 9, 5 X and Nexus Nexus 6 p.

Finally, it seems that until Google does not release Android 7.1 for the Nexus we will not start to leave questions to see how it will now be dealing with these devices, if they will be despised by Google or if the contrary will receive the same improvements to the Pixel.