Is This The New and Final Appearance of The Notifications in IOS 5?

The people of TechCrunch has brought to light a few hours ago an image that could give a few small brushstrokes which could be the renewed notification to iOS 5 system integrate and that will be unveiled this evening at 19:00. Obviously, a few hours of the start of the WWDC 2011 It would not be surprising that they were emerging small leaks about what Apple will bring to mobile software level for the next 12 months, at least. However, both photography and its content must be caught with forceps, waiting for an official confirmation.

They have been only a few chosen that have had access to the bulk of the novelties of the evolution of the operating system, which make it difficult, at times, inevitable leaks. By what we find with an idea most own a Terminal Android an iPhone. Is it a pop-up notification bar? It will launch the application when we click on it or display a page where the bulk of notifications is collected?

Either way, the slightly modified icon from the application of the camera and the fact that the weather prediction program displays temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit not as expected, fool enough to have not very clear if we speak of a European version of the software or an “ fake & #8221; with all of the law. The outcome, you can find out by staying in tune with us and the special tracking that we will carry out the presentation Apple will perform in San Francisco.