Jeans Dress: Wildcard Piece for Comfortable and Stylish Looks

Jeans have always been a joker in every woman’s closet. Whether in pants, shorts or jackets, it will always be related to comfortable and practical looks.

In dresses the result is not different, it is a democratic fabric and easy to combine. Not to mention that it is the perfect choice for the warmer days.

The jeans dress is a versatile piece on that transits by all styles and you can use it on different occasions, just add an accessory to tone the production.

Just like the accessories, the shoes will also give the final touch of the look, whether for a more sporting or classic look. To help you create incredible and sure looks, we have developed some tips in partnership with fashion and style consultant Lili Fuzikava. Check it!

Short Jeans Dress

The short jeans dress is light, cool and trendy. Ideal for informal events during the day when you want to use something tidier, says the consultant. For a fashion touch, use with sneakers and a colorful accessory, for a more formal look the scar pins are the right choice, Lili’s tips.

Dress Shirt-Type Jeans

This model is practical and super versatile. “From those pieces that you can take whenever you do not want to think too much about what you will wear,” says Lili. For looks with a more comfortable footprint, sneakers and slip on are the right request. Sandals and espadrilles leave the look ready for a more formal event.

Dress Jeans In Fashionistas Looks

As the jeans dress is a basic piece, the idea here is to give a touch of more charm and modernity in the visual. The consultant gives a golden tip: “use with accessories that come from the masculine universe, like moccasin, oxford or slides.” The third piece is also super welcome, like a colored jacket or even the jeans + jeans combination.

Dress Jeans In Elegant Looks

Here the tip is to choose a model that you find elegant, be it rotated, midi, or even long and if you play in the accessories. “For elegant looks with jeans, the best option is to be a dark jeans. The clearer, the more stripped the jeans is, “concludes the style fashion consultant.

Rolled Jeans Dress

For extra charm and an extra touch of femininity, the denim dress is accurate. “The swirled dresses are quite democratic. For those who have the rectangular body, it adds curves and creates a waistline. This type of dress can also disguise wide hips, harmonizing the silhouette, “explains Lili.

Long Jeans Dress

Long dresses are always a charm apart, and the long denim dress follows the same idea. Not to mention that it is a super comfortable and practical model. “The choice of the accessories is what will set the tone, can form a look stripped or tidier,” said the consultant.

Dress Jeans With Lace

The lace brings delicacy to the look, besides leaving everything more feminine and sophisticated.Lili gives you tips for putting on stylish looks with the lace jeans dress: “wear it with high-heeled sandals or high heels for a feminine look, or, dressed in lace-like lace, with an ethnic print purse and Break the delicacy of the piece. ”

Embroidered Jeans Dress

“The embroidery can pass different messages. If they are of larger, colorful designs, they convey cheerfulness and daring. Geometric shapes and sober colors are more serious, “says Lili. It’s more detail to give more personality in the look of the day.

Winter Dress Jeans

As it is a super versatile piece, you can also wear the jeans dress on colder days. The tip of the consultant is: bet on dresses with thicker fabrics, if you play in boots and also bet on pantyhose. If the cold squeezes, the jackets come into play.

5 Beautiful Jeans Dresses To Buy Online

We made a selection of jeans dresses for you to buy online and create several looks for the day to day. Check it!

Options do not lack for you to bet on the jeans dress, just choose the one that most suits your style and play in the production of the looks!

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