Kodak Will Present Another Mobile on October 20. Is It a Hybrid Camera-Smartphone?

Kodak is a mythical world of photography company, competing hard in the field of cameras with other reputed manufacturers. It is possible that last year you’ve heard that a Kodak mobile appeared manufactured by Bullit Group, a Chinese company. The phone in question was the IM5 Kodak.

It was a pretty basic mobile phone, with a chip MediaTek, 1 GB of RAM, Android KiKat, and a layer of customization between very ugly and aberrant. Altogether, for the almost €300 which would cost in Europe, It was a terminal, much less, painful (and talk about a mobile 2015). But Kodak wants to try again presenting a mobile October 20.

Beyond the image that put on their home page, that shows a button on what looks like one of the edges of a mobile, It is not known absolutely nothing about this terminal specifications, or of if eventually they will bet by pure Android instead of that layer so horrendous that they marked in the IM5.

What is clear is that if Kodak want to bet on a good camera it will have to strive a lot watching how is the photographic field in high-end smartphones today. It will be a hybrid between camera and smartphone or will there simply be a more focused on the photographic experience mobile? We’ll know the answer in two weeks.

Hybrids between camera and smartphone which did not have much success

Even without knowing what the new mobile Kodak, if it will be a phone to use or one of those hybrids which makes a while unseen, we take the opportunity to see some of those terminals that were more curious about their appearance so they should really highlight.

Let’s start with the first proposal from Samsung, the Galaxy S4 Zoom, fruit of a torrid night of Galaxy S4 with a Galaxy Camera. In terms of specifications, it was clearly inferior to the S4 Galaxy original, focusing on adding the best camera possible. The consequence was an uncomfortable to carry and use beyond make photos Mobile.

A year later would appear the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, clearly more comfortable to use than its predecessor and with the back cover textured plaster He had the S5 Galaxy and that both I like joking. Again, how mobile specifications were clearly inferior to the of the S5 and he gambled everything to the camera.

We are going to move away from Samsung to go to Panasonic Lumix CM1, a smartphone that was born with KitKat under his arm with a specifications of a high end of 2014 (Snapdragon 801, 2 GB of RAM, etc.), even being a mobile from the beginning of 2015. Even so, this terminal was notable for its 20.1 (sure that sounds) Leica MP sensor.

It is a mobile phone with Windows Phone, but it is worth to mention it. It’s the Nokia Lumia 1020, a mobile normalitos specifications for the time, but whose camera was a real beast to get closer to the quality of a camera to the use of a mobile at the time.

The main culprit of their little success was of the operating system and its lack of range of applications. However, for those fans to photography not wanting to carry a compact, the Lumia 1020, with their 41 MP resolution with Carl Zeiss Optics and the loving care that has always made Nokia the photographic section became a great alternative.

To end (although maybe leave me any more), I don’t have to set aside that may have less than a hybrid of all those listed. I am referring to the mythical Nokia 808 Pureview, the largest photographic beast of his time. The specifications of the phone (and its operating system, now nearly extinct at the time) were not at the level of effort put into the Chamber.

Where he excelled was in the House, with its 41 MP Pureview Pro technology with a Xenon flash that it worked great. Surely more than one who has had this terminal still remembers him fondly, and even can even save it. This is perhaps the occasion where you want to go to the drawer where it is really to look at with nostalgia.

It is very likely you have left me more hybrids on the road, or perhaps any of the above should not be here, but I see them as close to one that I decided to include them, if only by giving them a small tribute and not falling into oblivion as soon. Do you know more hybrids that you want to include, or you’ve tried?