Led Designs

There are LED bulbs for all possible purposes, whether for tiny indicator, the ordinary home lighting or headlights. Depending on LEDs are soldered differently so that you can distinguish between the following four types, which we discuss in the following article.

These are the 4 most common LED designs

  • SMD LEDs
  • Through hole LEDs
  • SuperFlux-LEDs
  • High-power LEDs

Leaded LED

Leaded (radial) LED are the longest set of all types and are therefore most. Their characteristics: Soldering on the back of the Board, two small wires (PINs) and a headtube housing to the negative pole (where the reflector pan at the same time serves as a cathode).

Leaded LED emit very little heat, can be cheap and available in all colours as well as RGB LED. The most popular models have a diameter of three, five or 10 mm. used today mostly for signal indicators or LED lights.

Smd Led

SMD LED (Surface mounted devices) have no wire connections, but be glued directly onto the surface of the printed circuit board.Typically, a single SMD LED consists of three or four semiconductor crystals. They are installed bundled in LED spots, chime coil or module.

The SMD design saves not only space, but creates also an enormous luminosity. SMD-LED can be found in the various fields of application of the model construction and industrial production, as Flash in digital cameras and car headlights. SMD-LED are available in all colours as well as RGB with color change.

Super Flux LED

Piranha (“Spider”-) LED through-hole LEDs are the modern development. Instead of two, have it equal to four pins and the same number of semiconductor crystals. The four contact feet can be controlled separately and allow a better heat dissipation as with wired LED. With a positive effect on the service life.

Another characteristic of SuperFlux-LED is her large beam angle, what guarantees a beautiful scattering of light and illumination. In short: “Spider” led an outstanding area lighting, whether at home, provide advertising placards with LED lighting or in and on the car.

Highpower/COB LED

HighPower LED directly “on board” have their chip. In making the semiconductor crystals without encapsulation are on a heat-conducting plate directly glued and about so-called bond wires associated with the opposition, which creates a superior heat transfer.

Up to 70 chips/cm2 can be installed per module. This creates an enormous light intensity in a confined space. Light that is just as good because of its uniformity as a conventional home or workplace lighting, such as accent lighting, area lighting, display-, wall-or street lighting. COB LED is available in all the colours of light in addition to RGB version.