LED Indirect Lighting Ideas

Indirect led lighting enjoys great popularity in the contemporary interiors. Indirect lighting highlights the walls, the ceilings seem higher or lower and this light fits perfectly with any furniture. The led strips set behind the wall panels, or else are hidden behind false ceilings.

They broadcast nice light is distributed optimally in the space and make it welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. Take a look at our ideas and learn how to use indirect led lighting with dexterity. Depending on the layout of the led Strip, you will get different light effects and always very original. In our collection you will find ideas for every room in your home – the living room, the kitchen and the dining room, the bedroom and the bathroom. Let us inspire you and shine your home, immersed in a pleasant and modern led light!

Indirect led lighting in the living room

The led strips can be fixed in aluminium profiles in different positions, so that they can emit light in different directions. LEDs have different shapes and colors, therefore there are various light scenes that are available. In the living room, we can attach it to the ceiling of led spotlights that shine down. They will make the highest ceiling in optical way. We can also put ribbons led vertically, in a niche or else hidden behind wall TV. The backlit led screen will make the atmosphere cool and perfect when you play console games. For a real party atmosphere, rely on indirect lighting that can change color.

Indirect led lighting in the bedroom

Indirect led lighting emits a pleasant light that is ideal for the bedroom, where we seek a soothing atmosphere. In the bedroom, in most cases, we fixed the led strips behind the headboard, under the bed or in a wall niche. However, if you like to read in bed, you need extra light – wall next to the bed or hanging from the ceiling, suspension etc. Indirect lighting under the bed is a good idea for those who want to avoid the risk of tripping in search of the bathroom at night.

Indirect led lighting in the kitchen

Led lighting ensures optimal light in the kitchen – everything is clear and bright when you prepare food and, at the same time, during the meal, the atmosphere is nice. The work plan is highlighted through the tape LED fixed in the lower part of the wall cabinets, while the kitchen island seems to float through the led set in its lower part. The kitchen can be submerged in a nice LED light.

Indirect led lighting in the bathroom

The right led lighting creates a beautiful atmosphere in the bathroom, according to the light intensity – fresh, functional, or romantic and atmospheric. A bright mirror can be the ideal choice if you need functional and additional light in the bathroom. If you want to forget haste and the bustle of everyday life, the led strips will ensure pleasant and relaxing light you need.

Cold white light in the modern living room

Black and white furniture and indirect led lighting in the living room

Highlight the texture of the wall panels by opting for indirect led lighting

Light up niches in an effective way with indirect led lighting

Ceiling visually expanded with indirect led lighting

Light lilac color behind the wall TV led

Highlight the system of wooden shelves and bet on indirect led lighting in golden yellow

Led lighting behind the false ceiling in the bedroom

Indirect led lighting below the white kitchen cabinets

Nice atmosphere in the small bedroom, design furniture and indirect led lighting

Gray wall mirror and led in the entrance lighting

Several sources of light in the living room

Large sofa in light grey and led in the living room of industrial style lighting

Led lighting behind the TV wall in the living room open


Modern living room in grey and white, open to the kitchen and indirect led lighting

Indirect led lighting in blue in the living room

Indirect led lighting in blue set around the TV

Ideas of indirect led lighting in the living room

Indirect led lighting ideal for minimalist interiors

How about an atypical form indirect led lighting?

Led indirect lighting to beautify the modern interior

Minimalist living room in anthracite gray set off by indirect led lighting

Elegant furniture and multicolored abstract table highlighted by indirect led lighting

Led indirect lighting to highlight the snow white furniture!

Create a modern bathroom with a fake wooden ceiling and integrated indirect led lighting!

Cosy atmosphere, luxurious furniture and indirect led lighting in a bathroom design