Lenovo: The “Hyper-Growth” of The Smartphones in China Plays to Your End

China has become for all manufacturers in one of the markets with the most potential in the short term, but according to Lenovo This country is starting to suffer the early effects of saturation, and this stage of ‘hyper-growth’ It may be coming to an end.

The statements are produced within the framework of the presentation of its fiscal results, that Lenovo has had (7.2%) revenue growth slow for the last six quarters. Competitors like Xiaomi threaten its market share, although the purchase of Motorola Mobility has “corrected” this situation and the IDC studies indicate that Lenovo is the third company that distributes more smartphones behind Apple and Samsung.

Yang Yuanqing, CEO of Lenovo, he explained how “the industry is changing with respect to the past, when China was growing much faster than the rest of the world. The market is changing, and China will not experience that traditional hyper-growth”.

The statements of the head of Lenovo might indeed be a reflection of a situation which many manufacturers should pay attention. And yet, it seems inevitable to think that emerging markets – China is not largely – they are still a great opportunity for all of these companies.