LG KE850 PRADA, It’s Official

Never better said that the open secret. It’s official that the LG KE850 It is the motive that the Korean brand has developed for the fashion house PRADA.

The KE850 is one of the phones that more like him has sought with the brand new iPhone, 3 “screen is also around the front of the mobile and touch. It’s a GSM triband 900/1800/1900 with EDGE, resolution support possibly 240 x 400 and the 2 megapixel camera with optics Schneider-Kreuznach and flash. Enlargement will have a microSD slot, and as no Bluetooth 2.0.

The interface of the LG PRADA is based on Macromedia Flash and it’s pretty minimalist, it seems that it will only display the colors white and black. The dimensions of this compact are 98.8 × 54 × 12 mm.

In the multimedia field plays audio MP3/ACC/ACC + / WMA/RA and as video player supports the formats MPEG4/H.264 and H.263, used in video conferencing. It also has a document Office and PDF viewers.

It will be available in stores for PRADA in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy by the end of February for 600 euros (we are left with the iPhone), and before March in Asian countries.