LG Wants to Sell 6 Million Smartphones, 70% Android

LG is taking its relationship with Android in a more relaxed way that Samsung fellow, may have this part of fault in the bad results prosecutors obtained in the second quarter of year.

Bet on Smartphones is not as important as in other manufacturers, and it has been shown that increased last year to this growth has been in this kind of phones. Things seem to change in the coming months and LG hopes to reach 6 million units sold in the computation of the year.

Another measure taken and that may have impacted on sales is that the catalogue of the Korean giant has gone from 145 models to 70 in a year. Among them, 20 are Smartphones, of which 15 are 5 without Windows Mobile and Android or come together with Windows Phone 7.

Speaking of numbers, they expect to be 4.2 million models sold 1.8 million Windows phone and Android, we will see to see what about comes out them bet by Microsoft.

Optimus, taking Android seriously

I see necessary having a ship logo or most powerful phone that brand image, now with Windows Phone 7 will have it around the world, because in the case of Android thing has been quite stop with terminals such as the LG Ally in the United States, which is doing very well, even going to upgrade to Froyo.

LG looks set to try to take a strategy similar to Samsung Galaxy S family taking their phones most of European and American markets Optimus, speaking of up to 120 operators.