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We are in the middle of City of London, the exclusive venue for Nokia to bring together operators, developers, analysts, media and mobility-addicts in general for its annual event: the Nokia World. Follows from ten in the morning Spanish the most important conferences and demonstrations through our twitter profile and summary of news featured throughout the morning in Engadget Mobile.

This year’s Edition is warm with the recent change of CEO and the recent resignation of Anssi Vanjoki. In fact, we have seen how from one week to another Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo disappeared from the opening of the event, leaving managers to the Vice-Chairpersons of three divisions, including the own Vanjoki. There is no news that Stephen Elop is here.

Today’s agenda and our bets

We leave you today times translated into Spanish time zone, as if no one is confude:

  • 10:00 opening: Niklas Savander, Anssi Vanjoki, Purnima Kochikar.
  • 11:15 keynote Vodafone: Vittorio Colao.
  • 11:40 agenda in detail: in this hour will present the summary with all the details of the 2010 Nokia Developer Summit and Nokia World 2010.
  • 11:50 Nokia Experience lounge. Our expectations are that we will not see the impressive Nokia N9, but instead we will know about the top of the range C (Nokia C7), E (Nokia E7) and N (Nokia N8). We will also talk of Symbian ^ 3 and OVI.
  • 13:00 speaker Corners. The event becomes fragmented in different demonstrations and lectures, all the details on the website of Nokia World.

You can follow the event live on this post: