Living Bathrooms

Yourself at home with his bathroom create a personal comfort zone and relax in peace. This desire more and more people want to meet.The trade has responded to these needs and now offers sanitary ware, accessories and other accessories in sophisticated designs.A particularly harmonious results, for example, if the shape of the fittings of bath and vanity is also reflected in the bathroom lights. However, when installing the bathroom lighting special caution in areas such as the bathtub. Therefore, one should this best left to a professional installer who it complies with the regulations for bathroom lighting the DIN VDE 0100 part 701. FIG. This standard divides the bathroom in three protection zones, but only two of them relate to the bath area.Scope 0 forms the interior of shower or bath. There only lights with low voltage (max 12 V) are permitted. The lighting for this well region have protection class IP X7 have to be protected against possible water jets.The scope 1 form the vertical surfaces around the bathtub, where also only lights may be installed with protective low voltage of up to 12V. With degree of protection IP X4, the bathroom lights against splash water protected – protection therefore may be less in this area.

Lighting for Bathroom


Looking at the shapes, materials and colors of bathroom fittings, so they are more diverse than ever: elegant-puristic or romantically playful, square with rounded edges or. Thus, there is enough leeway to set his bath very individual. Since the bathroom is to be the claim of a relaxation zone righteous, the faucet from bath and vanity must accomplish more than simply donate water. Because the faucet and the water itself may be incorporated into the design concept of modern bathrooms. An impressive effect has a water jet, which is illuminated by LEDs, light emitting diodes. With LED technology, the water appears depending on the selected temperature red or blue. A great effect!


Architects and interior have responded to the need for even more relaxation and relaxation in your own home and created a new living concept for bathroom. More often go bed-and bathroom on each other. The merging of living areas is the trend: in kitchen and dining room as well as in working and living room-now including in the bathroom and bedroom. These so-called “living bathrooms” usually offer plenty of space and impress with a free-standing bathtub in the room and other refinements. But before saying goodbye to the partition walls between the bathroom and bedroom, you should carefully consider what need is more pronounced: the need for personal intimacy or the need for more spatial size.