Long Dresses for Winter

How To Use Long Dresses In Winter–Fashion Tips

Temperatures are already quite low in many regions of our country. This is the coldest season of the year, so it’s time to take the heavy clothes from the closet.Even with the chilly climate, it is possible to mount looks pretty cool and even using parts that go beyond the traditional jeans, jacket and boots. Have you ever thought about wearing long dresses in winter? Here’s how:

Well, the long dresses are pieces that went into our wardrobe for about two years and don’t seem to get out more. They are very successful, especially during the summer, because they are fresh and comfortable for the warmer weather. But these pieces can also be used in winter, of course with some modifications in the templates.

To use the long dresses in winter ideally are sleeved, because as soon as they leave the body more protected from the cold. Long dresses for use during this season can be knitted or crocheted of cotton or other warmer fabrics. Forget the icees and fresh fabrics. A heavy look more consistent fabrics asks.

Combine the dresses with blazers, cardigans, knitting, leather jaquetinhas jackets shorter and that value the silhouette. Here at FashionConfidentials you can get more winter fashion models. The longer coats usually don’t fit with this piece. Feet, riding boots and models of medium heel and rounded beaks are best suited. Accessories such as maxi, maxi earrings, necklaces and scarves pashminas serve to finish the look. Choose one and work in the production.