Look With Leggings

The legging is not well-liked by many fashionistas and fashion consultants. This group does not share that is a versatile piece, Joker and that can be the kickoff for a look awesome, don’t know what you’re missing and how many cool things you can do.

For being a versatile piece Yes, leggings can be used to compose any production, since it isn’t anything formal or needs to be elegant. However, when it comes to productions stripped, it can be Yes, used on several occasions, such as at work, leisure and even to enjoy a night at the Club with her friends.

Next, here are the tips on how to put together looks with leggings. See also image gallery in DEADLYLEGGINGS!

Riding A Look With Leggings To Go To Work

The legging is synonymous with comfort and can be used to go to work, if it is not necessary to use a formal or elegant look. If the suit is informal, so the legging fits perfectly. The important thing is to know how to use it to keep from getting too vulgar and not stripped.

1-Option 1

Long shirts are high, both printed in fine cloth as shirts jeans, in various shades. The sum camisão with Leggings for the job fits like a glove for the days to assemble the look. But, don’t just put a piece and another and ready.

To be a nice visual is legal to put a belt marking the waist, a pointy sneaker, even if without hopping, is more tidy and gives a whimsical accessories. A Nightgown with completely closed with a maxicolar on it, for example.Obviously, without making exaggerations. In this case, whether the legging is long up to the ankle or if she stays in the Shin. Women should prefer the lower Shin length, leaving part of the leg out.

Also serves to lengthen the silhouette, put leggings and shirt of the same color, since the more fat can give a good disguise, “displacing” the waist under the breasts and preferring shirts in lightweight fabrics that “slip” by the body.

2-Option 2

The leggings can also be a solution. That’s right, when you want to use more short dress at work, but it is not very appropriate because he’s short. In this case, on a cold day, you can bet on with the dress and legging a recess calling him Jacques strap on it, acinturada and not exceeding the waist at the time.

Depending on the working environment, the sneaker remains a great option or if you want to use a boot crew socks, leggings must go to the ankle. As a third option, if it is a cool place, a modern tennis can finish the look.

Riding A Look With Leggings To Go Passer During The Day

The Leggings for a tour that asks for a casual look is without doubt an excellent option. You can try it with dress in winter, with a very nice fabric in the summer and with the shirt ever.

Not to miss, however, remember to use the legging covering the butt is basic rule. For more than you are with all that, the brand and the legging trend is attracting attention and in some cases the production to be vulgar.

1-Option 1

Mesh shirts are up, the more cool and different the pattern better. And the part that matters most to him the shirt is knit leggings, because she happens to be one and leaving the other clothes stand out. If you have that mesh that loves her and wants her to be the centerpiece of your production, you don’t have to think twice, place with a legging and then complement the look. If it’s 100% stripped, use a tennis bacaninha, if it is more tidy, use a shoe. The thin nozzle always leave the most fashionable look and the round, more romantic.

Some Tips To Not Err When Opt For Leggings

It is not difficult to understand why some fashionistas or fashion consultants don’t like leggings. Miss a look with this play is very easy. Small details in choosing with what to wear the leggings make all the difference. Just a little carelessness and ready, look totally ruined. Here are some tips that help in time to assemble a look with leggings!

  1. The leggings should be of fair size, not too tight and not with extra fabric.To err is not essential to feel comfortable in it and look in the mirror and not see a “ruguinha” here and there.
  2. The leggings should not be used in any way without a complementary piece who is covering his butt.
  3. The leggings can reach the ankle, leaving little skin to show or stay at the cinnamon.Are both acceptable lengths. Being that which leaves more leg showing is better for women.
  4. Women with more prominent belly should prefer leggings with high waist, putting the sweater on top will disguise.The low-rise legging, marks exactly the belly and it will be possible to view the volume that will create under the blouse.
  5. The legging doesn’t go with sandals or heels and even sandals.With jump does not work because it is a piece stripped with a stylish accessory with the Sandals because you can have stripped too much.The only way to use the leggings with heels is when it comes to a boot, which will cover part of it.
  6. With the legging sports tennis will always be with the face of the Academy.To avoid this production prefer tennis models more charming, feminine, with details, you don’t have absolutely nothing to do with the Academy.
  7. Prefer the leggings of a single color and preferably sober.The colourful could be used, but in this case, chances diminish. Be very stripped down look of Sunday in the Park, in this case, is worth.
  8. Watch your leggings with details on the sides, they usually don’t match anything and the final look will not be the way you want.

Versatile, comfortable and stylish, the legging Pant never goes out of style. This exists in hot and cold fabrics, which allow the piece to be used both in winter and in summer.

Knowing coordinate with parts and accessories you can create a variety of looks and elegant or even casual and sports. It all depends on the personality of each. Now, we will demonstrate how to dress with leggings, from five different ways:

Classic Look: to be used with a masculine style, sneakers and Nightshirt maxi collar;

Look Street: ideal to be worn with a Plaid Shirt, with a white t-shirt, leather jacket or jeans and boots with buckles or shoes;

Look Paty: silk shirt with fur vest, optional use a wool miniskirt if winter, combining with a felt hat, scarpan bicolor and Crystal bracelets;

Look Night: use with embroidered dress, ankle boot, cast ring and matching earrings. Maxi necklace and scarf complete the visual;

Look Fashion: leather shirt, corduroy jacket, silver bracelet and suede boots.