Maternity Clothes Tips

Early in the pregnancy all women already thinks of changing all your wardrobe, with looks that can accommodate your body when the changes start. Each phase of the belly make a kind of clothes of different sizes and with a few tips and tricks, you can keep the style in the period of nine months of pregnancy. In early pregnancy, it is best to disguise the extra pounds with clothes, and very mark the body. Here are some tips on clothes for pregnant women!

Maternity Clothes Tips


Of course, the hit is always an excellent ally of the pregnant women. By modeling your huge belly, is likely to use it in the whole pregnancy period. Some models, still value the silhouette being more righteous in the chest and dropped from there. The coat inclusive is easily incorporated into the wardrobe for after pregnancy, for your non modeling influence the size of the belly, a great choice of clothes for pregnant women.

Broad Dress

The dresses are ideal for the period of pregnancy is it create obstacles when my belly gets bigger. If the modeling is huge, even better, as it will serve the nine months period peacefully in the pregnancy. After the belly, the dress can be used with a belt to define the silhouette of the woman.

Legging Pants

The legging pants is already a classic in the wardrobe of any pregnant. For your elasticity and by your comfort, the piece is excellent even when the belly is huge. The legging is also easily used after pregnancy. Today, the piece no longer has the face of a gym and features a variety of style and models of clothes for pregnant women.

Tight Clothes

Clothes for pregnant women should not be too tight, because despite the lack of comfort still seem too tight in pregnant. If the idea is to use something more structured and close to the body, choose cozy fabrics and feel squeeze a little bit which is is good to avoid, after all the baby’s safety is paramount. Change the entire wardrobe can be quite expensive, so the idea is to invest in basic and parts that can be used at different stages of pregnancy, including after childbirth. Some pieces are fundamental, but others can be adjusted in a seamstress in order to avoid large expenditures.

Denim Jeans

The jeans for pregnant women should appreciate the comfort. The right thing would be to choose by model come with elastic at the waist, so you can leverage the pants throughout pregnancy and even after birth. This type of model is more comfortable and not squeeze as much. In the composition of the strech, avoid jeans 100%, as are models that do not stretch and with time your legs can be thicker. Models with polyester or Lycra leave the jeans more malleable and ideal for the months in which the legs and hips tend to raise.

Long Skirt

The long skirt while being stylish, it is also a piece that can be used during the whole period of pregnancy. With the big belly, just accommodate the skirt down a bit. To have elastic waist, her way and not let the pregnant woman uncomfortable. After pregnancy, just embed the piece in their looks.


This piece is very difficult for pregnant women, but can make part of the maternity clothes. On TrophyDresses, the models in jeans should follow the line of elastic waist, and style templates “boyfriend” (most free) are ideal to not tighten the hip and legs. The more loose and cotton modelinhos are a accurate investment, since you are comfortable and cooler, since it is normal for pregnant women feel more heat.