Meeting of The Main Operators European, Own Operating System?

The major mobile operators Europeans could reach agreement to create an operating system, if they were few. This weekend we learned via Le Figaro that the CEO of Orange, Stéphane Richard, is organizing a meeting in Paris to discuss the issue with their namesakes from the competition.

According to Stéphane, “some systems” are as Trojan horses used by their creators to deliver their services more than 1000 million consumers who are customers of Vodafone, Telefonica (O2), Deutsche Telekom and Orange.

In reality they have no clear as they can address the development, can propose mounted a joint venture, or create a developer of applications, but they have clear is that they want to be able to innovate without having to rely on an important way of third parties, in addition to to get the services they want to, not the come tax system.

As for the operating system, do not have clear if you could make it from scratch or use systems such as Android as a basis, but in this case without any associated Google service. In China we have a similar precedent with the operating system Ophone China Mobile, based on Google’s operating system. We must not forget the new Symbian or MeeGo, which Telefonica plans to support.

We hope that the meeting which takes place on October 8 in Paris us interesting information to share with you.