Men’s Denim Shirt, Tips To Use!

Talk TIME, all right?¬†ūüôā¬†OOPS, this week in one of the posts and also by email, I’ve received some messages from you guys asking for¬†tips to use men’s denim shirt¬†in visual, then I thought to myself: “why not renew the tips and update a post of Jeans?”.¬†So, answering the requests, here’s haha Bora pro post inspiration?

Yes, Yes, Yes!¬†More than 1 year since the last time I had made a post about unique¬†Jeans men’s Jeans or shirt¬†(that absurd Coloral)¬†hahaha well, following the suggestion of you decided to post some tips for using the Shirt model in visual!

And remembering what you always talk about the Jeans: “Nis trend, it’s reality for a long time and will hardly fall Male Cabinet”, he receives modifications, upgrades, different clothes, but it’s always there!So it’s that kind of play to have not just one or two, but v√°aaarias to buy and use for v√°aaaaaaarias and stations in v√°aaaarias occasions haha

Bora for Pictures?¬†Below separated several cool Tips and current to¬†Use men’s denim shirt¬†.¬†OH and who have photo using and you want to leave here in the comments to inspire the crowd too, please, be my guest!¬†GO!

Jeans Jeans, love the combination, especially when there is a variation in the tone of the pieces, as well as the photo above!¬†It’s worth clicking the link I left before there to view more tips .

Men’s denim shirt combined with Chino Pants or Earthy-toned <3 I’m gone on this combination, which is very nice especially the day more open, Sun, hot, outdoor events, etc.

Pictured above, a darker shade of Brown Pants, fuck!

And¬†Jeans with Camouflaged?¬†Already commented here in male fashion, I think it’s really cool and is a great option to compose a visual!

With Bermuda, also Camouflaged can:)

And the visual above?¬†All men’s Jeans in 3 tones.¬†Was ANIMAL!

With Black, dark Pants, shirt Jeans conversation very well too!¬†And when she’s short-sleeve, quite like the sleeves Folded, the shape is fucking nice!

And the pants Bordeaux, Burgundy or similar tones, also rolls? OPA! Big choice to compose the visual with the denim shirt!

Look at the mass were playing this Layers look, the jacket with denim shirt underneath, I find it very cool

Once again the layers appear, and how the denim shirt is lighter than the Coat, she gets a fucking in the visual highlight.

How’s that for inspiration for a cooler day?¬†To get a job?¬†Jeans shirt underneath the Sweater.

And for black skin male, the Jeans lighter gets a featured very cool! I like the visual .

What I saw in several stores this year and is very high, is the men’s denim shirt with details in other fabrics or prints.¬†I think super OK!¬†Just remember not to overdo it in the rest of the look, to the Shirt doesn’t get lost in the middle of the visual and have the priority of attention!

Men’s denim shirt with Floral, how about?¬†ūüôā

And this emblazoned with Bikes? Discreet, but that the details of the look!

Men’s denim shirt printed with Azteca.

This week rolled a post highlighting Looks with hats and, in one of them, I’m wearing a denim shirt with Chino Brown Pants!¬†Just¬†Click here¬†to see:!

Where To Find?

I always stop by the stores to browse Jeans Shirts, I always find good options and often with prices into account, balance!