Men’s Fragrance for Spring

As soon as the first rays of Sun on the face to dance around, it is time to rub the sleep out of your sight, and to make suitable for spring. A casual perfume is one of the tools against winter muffin in addition to new outfits and good care course. Here are five recommendations for the fragrant Spring Awakening: Valentino Man, Bulgari Aqua Amara, Kenzo Man night, Karl Lagerfeld for him and Azzaro Man.

Bitter Pill: Bulgari Aqua Amara

The more sporty fragrances from the “Aqua” series get a luxurious addition to the spring. Was established under the nose by Jacques Cavallier “Bulgari Aqua Amara” (meaning “bitter water”), which contains Sicilian Mandarin and extracts of the Naroli flower. Both ingredients complement the bouquet of water scents, to a fresh tart note of patchouli otherwise dominated. A harmonious composition, especially for the first evening outdoor events.

Practical Jokes with Kenzo Man Night

The new fragrance from Kenzo moves in the spectrum between hotshot and clown–at least that wants to sell so the campaign one. In practice, Kenzo Man night proves to be as fruity everyday scent and less than more manifest of night romance. Despite the misnomer is a round thing of scent and will delight not only lovers of exotic ingredients like mango and Absinthe.

For Free-Thinkers: Karl Lagerfeld for Him

Emperor Charles has for its latest perfume changed the fronts and separated from its former licensee of Coty. The new minions of Inter Perfume that might have pleased, “Karl Lagerfeld For Him” was a promising spring fragrance. Operating principle of the compact bouquets is the juxtaposition of invigorating and aromatic fragrances at all levels. Lavender and Mandarin combined with Apple and violets noticeably increase the desire for spring. Some even claim the substance compilation is homage to Lagerfeld’s distinctive head.

Unexpected Comeback: Azzaro Pour Man

It’s been more than thirty years as Azzaro Man was the ultimate in every bathroom Cabinet. The former slogan “for men who love women who love men ‘ caused blank purchased shelves around the world. Now, actor Ian Somerhalder for cult perfume makes advertising. You may think about what you want, this does not detract from the longevity of the scent. Over 320 ingredients were 1978 by Gerard Anthony, Martin Heiddenreich and Richard Wirtz mixed into a fragrant unit a myriad that only extremely rarely occurs when Mr perfumes. Individual components can be his taste is hard, fans speak often of a woody fresh Odeur. We’re curious, how long does the Renaissance this time and which generation will experience the next comeback.

Newbie with Classic Potential: Valentino Man

Fans of the Italian fashion house on Buffalo News have waited long, but it was worth. Chief perfumer Olivier Polge has set in the fourth man perfume by Valentino on wide base notes. The fragrance bouquet opens with bergamot and Myrtle, passes in the heart note to chocolate and coffee beans, until it ends on a rich base of leather and cedar wood notes. The textbook-same shape of the composition seems to have spread on the bottle – this is indeed covered with sheer glass pyramid rivets.