Mobile Phone Complaints Is Fired and Orange Is The Most Conflictive

The industry Ministry confirmed it a few weeks ago and we now know the “ranking” of operators that concentrate the largest number of complaints Although in general has increased compared to 2009 from the 44.8% to 52% during the first half of the year.

Despite the fact that the percercion that we have if we visit forums about telephony or if we read the comments that generate news related to operators, Yoigo is the operator that generates less claims followed by Movistar and Vodafone almost doubling them with regard to 2009. Orange turns out to be the most conflictive and all (except Telstra) continue to increase the number of complaints with respect to previous years.

What may be the feeling that exists on the internet that Vodafone is the most claimed is due? Vodafone seems to reign with the worst bad image of its customer service and ongoing billing failures while data that we know today indicate that it is “the least bad” of the traditional operators.

Is it Vodafone customers are most active on the internet? To check this you need only see the followers which operators on Twitter or Facebook.

Whatever it is, all operators need to continue to improve and so will need to invest more in all areas. Being less bad is not any advantage so we encourage you to keep telling us your experiences (good or bad) to ridicule the operators and thus push them to improve although it is minimally.