Nautika Launches Two New Models Of Tents: Takoma And Prism

Nautika launches two new models of Tents: Takoma and Prism

After the Fit have released the tent in this beginning of year Himalaya, NTK (Nautika) also launches two more models of tents: Takoma and Prism. The first of these is actually news to the general public, a tent that had not been seen here in Brazil, the Prism is a new version of a classic Nautika, she is leaving in a commemorative model to the 40 years of the brand and comes in a limited edition.

The Takoma (see review at is a tent of 2 people and was a model developed for military use and is now being sold to the general public. According to the brand is ideal for activities such as hiking, fishing and hunting.

Is a green tent, with a round door in front. Part of the door has a mosquito net, the screen that makes the door look like a button to enable/disable. Has full sobreteto on the sides and a small advancement open to protect the port of entry.

She weighs 2 kg and has 2,000 mm of water column in both the sobreteto as on the ground (which is in polyester). The rods are in fiberglass, are three sets, and 2 to the base of the igloo and 1 third for support of a small advance on the door.

The measures of this model are: 130 cm wide by 230 cm long (measured by us).

Soon we will have a tent that template at hand and we can do more photos, videos and a full review!

Type: Igloo

Sobreteto: 100% waterproof polyester with polyurethane 2000 mm of water column

Dorm: 100% polyester breathable for comfort and durability

Fabric: super fine polyester mosquito net, which prevents even the smallest insects and mosquitoes

Floor: 210 Oxford Polyester high resistance, prevents any water infiltration with 2000 mm of water column.

Structure: glass fibre rods in military green color of greater diameter, connected by internal elastic and made with 100% virgin material with FLEX-system MAX.

Additional: model developed for use by the Brazilian Army. Ideal for activities such as hiking, fishing and hunting.

Soon these detailed data are also on the Site.