Nautilus by Patek Philippe Travel Time

The Nautilus is one of the best sellers by Patek Philippe. This was not always so: the sporty stainless steel watch could heat up hardly the heart of luxury watches lovers at their launch in the 1970s. Now, a new variant with two time zones was presented at Baselworld 2014.

“One of the world’s most expensive watches is made of steel,” headlined the first advertisement for the Nautilus by Patek Philippe in the year 1976 a little provocative. Stainless steel to produce a luxury watch was then unusual, if not new; Audemard Piguet had brought an expensive steel watch on the market in 1972 with the Royal Oak.

Legendary Stainless Steel Watch by Patek Philippe

For the Swiss manufacturer Patek Philippe, which stood until given for elegant gold watches with flat housing was the sporty powerful Nautilus stainless new terrain. The Swiss commissioned the famous designer Gerald Genta, the man who had designed even the extravagant Royal Oak for competitor Audemars Piguet. For the Nautilus, he devised a striking, porthole-shaped housing and a wide stainless steel bracelet and devised a material mix of satin and polished stainless steel.

First of All not a Box-Office Hit

Few Patek Philippe customers opted for a purchase of the Nautilus in the first years after launch. As well as the Royal Oak had the innovative stainless steel watch starting difficulties, considered the child terrible of the collection. With time, especially since the launch of the Nautilus chronograph in 2006, the luxury sports watch was becoming increasingly popular and is now considered bestsellers, for which there is at times even waiting lists.

Premiere of the Nautilus Travel Zone at Basel world 2014

At BASEL WORLD 2014 Patek Philippe is now unveiling a Nautilus with two time zones: the travel time reference 5990/1A Nautilus. Both times are differently colored and shaped hour hand is read, which are mounted on the same axle. The pointer for the home time is skeleton-shaped and blue, those local time is thick and white. The travelers at home, is the home time pointer under the other disappears.

Two Time Zones, Analog Date Display

On the nine o’clock position of the black dial of the Nautilus is attached at three o’clock one for the local time, the day-night indicator for the are. The indexes are made of white gold and visible color coating in the dark. On the dial analog date display is installed at twelve o’clock, at six o’clock of the chronograph. At two and four o’clock, the chronograph pushers are attached on the 40.5 centimeters thick in diameter housing. The button for date correction is at one o’clock.

Movement and Price of the Nautilus Travel Zone

A mechanical movement with automatic winding caliber CH 28-520 C FUS, which was made of 370 items and has a power reserve of up to 55 hours operates in the Nautilus travel time. The new Nautilus will replace the 2006 launched reference 5980/1A reference 5990/1A; The latter is expected to rise to collector value. To meet their “nautical” name, also the new Nautilus travel zone is waterproof up to 120 meters. The Price of the watch is 43.160 euro in EHOTELAT.