News about The Case Palm, Jon Rubinstein Might Be Right out in The Street

Palm pilgrimage in search of a solution to all their ills seems to go collect the first victim in all this mess. The news, which it has it has shaken the newsrooms of some media on the weekend, it is neither more nor less than the possible dismissal of its current executive director, Jon Rubisntein.

Rubinstein became CEO of the American company signed by the investor group Elevation Partners, leaving his position as senior Vice President of Apple’s iPod division. He and his team, creators of the system operating webOS, currently hold the conviction that its Plan of viability for the survival of Palm as independent company will bring out them of this.

However, Rubinstein is facing the impossibility of moving their devices whose sales are virtually non-existent accumulated a huge stock of units, losing one market share falling sharply against competitors like Apple, BlackBerry or Android, In addition to the relegated position that the mobile phone operators have submitted to Palm.

To make matters worse, Rubinstein is unable to find a buyer who is able to revive the company that once stood at the forefront of mobile devices. Unfortunately, the plight of Palm is part of the legacy of its former CEO and founder of the brand, Ed Colligan. But that is another story that must be told at another time.