No Ideas on How to Deal with The Cold? Take a Look at What Are The Street-Stylers

Disparity of views. That’s what the cold generates about fashion. While some claim that it is the best time to wear garments that are impossible in other time (point, crochet, shelters and the trenches…) others say that without a doubt convenience and comfort are above aesthetics in many cases, and that it affects the quality of the chosen looks. And I can not be more at odds. The only thing that we need in many of these cases… is a good dose of ideas to see how we take party to all our garments Ready to put the batteries?

We started with the countrysde style, so loved and hated by many at the same time. Me personally I do not dislike me and always comes to us well for dust jackets, padded, waterproof boots (our Hunter will see the light) and skinny pants. Earthy colors, autumn style and that spirit of English countryside that like.

The preppy Christmas It is another of the legendary from this period. The crochet, the point of jacquard, Christmas prints and Oxford shirts will be our best allies in these times. You must be careful when combining them as the look is very easy to reload and stop charging us the spirit of Christmas.

The looks that mix textures and volumes are without a doubt my favorite: the slack of the fates contrasted with the tight shirts, jerseys and pants skinny…

… as well as the trenchs with navy styles are combined with point oversized jerseys. All this without losing the perspective and give up the colors, even though we are in Christmas always we can do something with them and not fall into the laziness with the colour palette.

Finally, particular attention to the plug-ins, they are always a detail to take into account and which now in winter can give much play: scarves closed, open, oversized, hats and scarves… a world that we must not neglect and that must always be game with the rest of the clothes we choose.