Nokia Already Has New CEO, Comes Microsoft

Nokia has gone to seek out of the business of mobile telephony to their new leader, the current number one in the industry has convinced a Senior Executive of Microsoft to carry out the responsibility. We speak of Stephen Elop, It replaced at the end of this month to the current President and CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

The search during the summer of a new CEO for the Finnish company was something practically public, since the general discontent in the functioning of the company, especially in the field of Smartphones, It was notorious. The solution was going through a change in the dome.

The Canadian Stephen Elop comes to Nokia having gone through some of the leading technology companies, formerly of their stay in Microsoft under the command of products like Office, happened by Juniper Networks, and formerly by Macromedia, before being acquired by Adobe.

The new CEO is considered an expert in the field of software, an important value in the Finnish company taking into account that you will need to manage Symbian and MeeGo. Although already discussed his experience on the Internet in the face of users is not wide, and here will have to take forward the multitude of Ovi services that you make up the strategy of Nokia in the network.

With the change to a person close to Silicon Valley, Nokia can open doors that has always been closed, being closer to innovations that are cooked daily in the world of mobile telephony. It is a reality that Nokia has been very awkward to assimilate the change to fully touch phones, where Apple and Google are eating much of the cake.