“Nokia Is Back”, The Opening Phrase of The Nokia World and Highlights of The Day

Mobile telephony ecosystem quickly changed a few years ago and Nokia failed to adapt, suddenly losing its share of the Smartphone market. Now the company is taking many and important changes and in Finland, with optimism, they ensure that Nokia is back.

It is the opening phrase of the Nokia World 2010, a presentation that rang to blow on the table and which showed the cards with that are going to play the next game. Terminals for all types of user, a facelift to the operating system, an application with a plan for the future market … you summarize all about the strategy of Nokia exposed this morning.

Transition phase

Nokia is facing a transition and we have much to do. But will not be emulating the competition. We will not apologize for the fact that no we are Apple, Google, nor no one more. Us We are Nokia and unique.

Other lapidary sentence of Niklas Savander, Executive Vice President, market of Nokia. Nor are they need to be it, but that they are prepared to reinvent themselves with ideas that do not come from Finland.

The new CEO is American and an expert in software, with expertise in Macromedia and Office. Stephen Elop was unable to attend and called an apology through the Vice President, once took advantage of this to thanking Olli-Pekka Kalasvuo, which resulted in applause and more applause.

Nokia Symbian is confident and committed to developers

They are not going to present terminals with MeeGo or the operating system itself during the Nokia World 2010. Nokia wants to that down to the last detail of this open system is well polished before we can give an opinion. Until then, nothing of Nokia N9.

What if is being talked about in detail is Symbian ^ 3. Christian ahead us of news from the system the other day, and Anssi Vanjoki have made us it clear that we not prejudge because in appearance it looks the same as before, Symbian ^ 3 is much more powerful than their predecessors.

The example that most will talk about is the new browser with web-kit, multi-touch gestures, html5 and css3 support. According to Purnima Kochikar, Vice President of the developers community: render the web as well that competition (referred, we assume, to Android and iPhone).

But Symbian ^ 3 not only improves the user. Developers will find an environment that makes them the task (up to 70% fewer lines of code). Now the efforts of Nokia will focus on make the OVI Store as something more akin to the Apple App Store (or at least try) and to reduce fragmentation by versions of the system.