Nokia N900: Exceeded 100,000 Units, Would Failure of Sales?

Nokia made a special proposal with the Nokia N900, and so has liked to try this phone’s information whenever he has appeared on our website since its emergence in November of last year. It is the only terminal in making use of the extinct operating system Maemo, and we are looking forward to seeing what meego inside.

The reality is that the numbers does not speak in its favour, although we knew that the Nokia N900 is not a phone for the market, had hoped that their adventure would have been more productive to the present day. If we trust the analysts from Gartner, which They estimate that 100,000 units have been sold in the first five months of life, We think that the results are quite negative.

From Nokia say that the figures are not correct, and that you have exceeded 100,000 units in the first five weeks, and for them, the behavior of the phone on the market has exceeded expectations.

I guess that the right thing would be to rely on figures from the Finnish company, but they are not very clear, nor informs us if in the following weeks it has been selling much better, concerned that if it had been, would have shared it. The reality that the problem of the current situation of Nokia is not the N900.

Comparisons are odious, but iPhone has sold 8.75 million phones in the period between January and March, and up to the Nexus One in two months and available in few markets exceeded the figures which share Gartner.