Nokia Q2 Financial Results: Drops a 31% in Profits and Sold 8% More Than Phones

Nokia has released its financial results for the second quarter, and we can interpret more bad things than good them: benefits, 295 million euros, have fallen 31% compared to the same period of last year, however the number of terminals sold has risen by 8%, with 111 million units.

Apparently the Finnish company has had to resort to cut the costs of its line of Smartphones to compete in the market, so the benefit is lower though more units have been sold. We have an example in the price average selling Smartphones, which is 143 euros, 181 euros during the same period of last year.

Along with Smartphones, have sold 24.5 million units in the second quarter, which represents a sales increase of 42% over the last year, it is estimated that Nokia will continue with the same market share that in 2009, 41%.

The average price for all mobile phones was 61 euros, 64 euros in 2009, and 62 euros in the last quarter, the drop is caused in part by lower sales at low-end terminals.

Nokia did not want to comment on anything regarding the possible change in the leadership of the company, following rumors that the current CEO is situated, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, out of it.

Nokia N8 and Symbian ^ 3, do saviors?

A terminal leave the future of the company is risky, but it is a reality that is the most important asset they have to achieve profits and market share in the short term. The Nokia N8 is having better criticisms than expected initially, is clearly a phone more than the current offer of the Finnish company, and little to the price is right, become a best seller, and it is that Nokia is still highly regarded, in addition to being very appealing to operators.

In terms of operating system perhaps is not in the same league as Android or iPhone, but Symbian ^ 3 It is better that what already had phone featuring a photographic section star, as well as the possibility to make use of free GPS navigation via Ovi Maps.

In statements from the CEO of Nokia, Symbian ^ 3 has plenty of life, because they are planning to put on the market more than 50 million Terminal with the operating system in successive years. To do this required is a family of phones with Symbian ^ 3, that very likely will not form part of the series N. Nokia is confident that if the sales work, services and applications will too.

It is clear that the role of Symbian ^ 3 is important, not so much that of Symbian ^ 4 he has not spoken, and to compete with high-end phones, will be MeeGo. Statements by Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo:

“Symbian is about leveraging scale and expanding the smartphone category to cover a broad mass market footprint.” In contrast, MeeGo is about speed and agility to create industry leading flagship solutions leveraging. Symbian and MeeGo have different sweet spots. “We intend to capitalize on the unique strengths of each platform.”

I leave you with the table that he shared the Nokia which reflects the movements of this second quarter compared with the previous one, and the same period of last year: