Notable for HTC and Samsung Smartphones Sales Forecasts

A couple of days I have been progressing the news that Samsung Wave is working well in the market, passing the million units sold, because today we can inform you that it is his older brother Samsung Galaxy S which exceeds the figure. They are important numbers for a high-end phone, which has not yet come to be sold in all possible markets.

Entering sales forecasts, Koreans wait reach 10 million units around the world. To achieve this the phone is appearing in 110 different countries, with different versions, and is presumably that the passing of the months with lower price and will receive Android 2.2 update, two incentives that will improve sales.

By now only we knew that South Korea had passed 300,000 units sold, being the most successful phone in the country, which on the other hand is which has seen him be born. By now the bet 50% Android 33% bada le is coming to Samsung.

HTC also aims high

By the end of the year the Taiwanese company will present six new phones for U.S. and Europe, so we expect a few months of interesting leaks. In fact already has begun to talk about a possible HTC Ace, in the last few hours known as HTC Desire HD.

Also sounds with force a HTC Vision that could come in October to Europe, is that you can be the first handset to make use of a dual-core processor, with Android as an operating system. A few weeks ago I anticipate some images of the model with QWERTY keyboard, but I’m not sure whether it is the same phone.

Sales of Smartphones from HTC for this last quarter forecasts are the of over 8.5 million units, important numbers supported practically by Android phones. Although we must not forget a possible HTC Modrian with Windows Phone 7 and a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset to 1. 3 GHz.

In the United States expected a couple of models for T-Mobile, with key names Vanguard and Emerald, both Android. Also for the same operator and AT & T we have a Windows Phone 7 phone for each.

I think that that things will work the end of this year, HTC may beat the mark of 24 million Smartphones sold in the past year.