Note 7-Green Battery Icon Came with Friends

Probably will remember that Samsung distributed an update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with the idea of distinguish the good terminals of “explosives” using a green color, instead of the classic white icon battery icon. This update is mandatory, just like the green icon, which you can not deliver you unless you have the mobile rooted.

At first we thought that this update, which occupied about 50 MB, only included this new icon, although some commentators in our article already told us that there were some additional changes in the interface. What we didn’t know is that the green icon came from the hand of the emoji from Unicode 9.0, which involve more emoji, others with different design and compatibility with the skin tones.

New emoji

The emoji continue the same characteristic design that you have always had on Samsung, although a lot are added with this update. Mama Noel, the clown, the undercover man, Gorilla, the bacon, egg or kebab are examples of innovations. That Yes, the famous “paella” is rather a pan with a stew.

Innovations include the different shades of color for many of the emoji and ones 70 emojis receiving changes, more or less subtle. For example, the “Seville”, also known as woman dancing, After having some identity crisis in previous versions, returns to being a woman, or the signal of the boat has become a reality.

These new Samsung emoji are now available in the Galaxy Note 7, and it is that the “little problem” of explosive batteries has advanced update thereof, but no doubt that reach the rest of terminals that company go releasing or updating.