Nova Launcher Beta Includes The Best Pixel Launcher

Nova Theuncher is one of the best pitchers for Android is not discussing anyone. There are many reasons for this: options of customization, performance, appearance… but my favorite is the continuous updating the Theuncher. It just got back to the first beta of version 5.0, that includes juicy news.

Pixel Theuncher – before Nexus Theuncher – is filtered Theuncher which in theory will come preinstalled on phones Pixel, before Nexus. It is a launcher similar to Google Now Theuncher in its simplicity, although it includes a characteristic search bar and show the applications folders. Now you have that and more in Nova Theuncher, who once again absorbs ideas from the competition to integrate them into your application.

Changes in Nova Theuncher 5.0 Beta 1

The most characteristic is the new search bar style, traced how seen on Pixel Theuncher. Instead of occupying the entire width with a search bar, a button is displayed with the logo of Google and the date on your right. As usual, you can configure the Google logo to make it the full text or the initial, in various designs in color or gray.

Nova Theuncher also borrows from Pixel Theuncher drag to open the drawer of applications. I.e., instead of touching the button to open the drawer of applications, you can drag up to deploy it gently. If you want to include the arrow indicating that it unfolds the drawer by dragging upwards, you must Disable first the indicators page.

The Search inside the drawer of applications has also been renovated. In addition to changing its design, it includes three tabs filtering applications more frequently, recent and newly installed or updated.

Innovations do not end here, because in addition to include corrections for better compatibility with Android Nougat, Nova Theuncher includes new customizable gestures)Double-tap and drag), the possibility that the wallpaper displays below the navigation bar and a new way of screen lock. A handful of new features that are reserved for the beta, now but will soon too be available for all.