Nova Launcher Beta Includes The Launcher Shortcuts of Android Nougat

The launcher shortcuts are the latest invention from Google to show access contextualized to actions directly from its icon. For example, instead of entering into Google Maps to find the path to home, you can do it quickly from access if you have a brand-new Google Pixel to Pixel Launcher (or Action Launcher)

Now, like Action Launcher, Nova Launcher it has included in your Launcher, for now to test mode in Nova Launcher 5.0 Beta 7. To access them you will only have to do a pulsation in the main screen (do not work in the drawer). The update also comes with a small change in the Google bar that includes the time.

The launcher shortcuts become Nova

The integration of the launcher shortcuts in Nova Launcher is not as polished as the of Action Launcher, as you must press long the icon, for half a second the screen flashes as if you were to move or delete the icon. In Action Launcher this function is integrated with a slip on the icon much more smooth and lively. In any case, there are.

It continues to be a kind of experiment, and is that the launcher shortcut are not designed to run on Android earlier Android 7.1. Kevin Barry, its developer, let us know that some applications only include them in your APK for Android 7.1 and in other cases you need to add the links manualente. These are some of those who work in Nova Launcher:

  • System options (WiFi, battery and data usage)
  • Google Drive (New document, search)
  • Google Maps (Home, work)
  • Gmail (New message)
  • Calendar (New event, new reminder)
  • Photos (Feeling Lucky, free space)
  • Play music (Feeling Lucky, my library, recent activity)
  • Google (Search, voice search)
  • Keep (New note, list, image, Audio)
  • Todoist Beta (Add task, search, today)

The time on the Google toolbar

Probably have spotted something new in previous catches: the weather forecast in the new style of bar to the Pixel Launcher Nova introduced recently. This forecast shows the current state by an icon and temperature. Date that formerly monopolized both the attention, is now a much smaller text.

This design is optional (in fact, is disabled from factory) and you must activate it in the options. For now only shows the forecast in degrees Fahrenheit and not Celsius, but after a lot of users complaining about this Kevin Barry acknowledged that passed and will add it soon. Playing in the forecast, the Google weather forecast opens.

You can download Nova Launcher 5.0 Beta 7 from Google Play If you have signed up for the beta or download the APK directly.