Operators Are Positioned: The Rates If Time Flat

A week ago resurfaced the issue of the feasibility of completely unlimited mobile internet rates as we and this week during the Meeting of the UIMP held in Santander, operators have started to position themselves warning of the unsustainable which is to offer completely unlimited data rates on a technology so limited as it is a mobile network.

The increase in traffic will be unstoppable and moment operators do not fear for the capacity of their networks (while there is occasional congestion) so do not provide short-term changes in regards to the current rates for mobile internet But if they have begun to seek solutions for the load will have to support networks in the coming years.

The main solution is to continue improving the networks with more investments but this may not be continued for a long time if ever greater use of the network and revenues do not increase because it is completely unlimited rates.

The most common today is found with rates with all unlimited traffic but other limits that are responsible so that everyone can have a better service so possibly the future of the mobile internet rates follow this road but with much more sharp boundaries and can be in the line of the latest proposal from Vodafone: limiting speed, prioritize, or pay more depending on the type of service to which you want to have access such as push email, P2P, VoIP, use the phone as a modem, etc. It is not to pay for downloaded megabit but the intention is that customers who consume more, pay more.

But operators also want to face the future with a more efficient management of your investments considering solutions such as sharing networks in the way national roaming, sharing sites, or manage access networks or joint networks.

The fact is that everything that is being said these days could be summarized in that it will continue offering flat rates (with unlimited traffic) by the attractive and comfortable that result but without being totally unlimited (in services) in order to be viable in the future. So different is this than what currently offer or hide any intention?