Our Site Sued Due to Children’s Tablet

A competing tablet manufacturer goes to court in an attempt to stop the new kid’s tablet from our site.

Recently presented the toy giant our site a new-and-own-produced tablet aimed at children.

It is planned that the sale of the so-called Tabeo-tablet must kicks off in the United States in four weeks, but it tries a competing children’s tablet-producer now to prevent with an action, write our site.

The company, which is behind the Fuhu Inc child friendly Nabi-tablet, therefore believes that our site has stolen product secrets.

In October 2011, the two companies a deal, as did our site to the exclusive distributor of Nabi. According to Fuhu Inc. marketed the our site virtually no product and ordered the surprisingly few copies to stores.

The agreement was completed in January, and the charge from Fuhu Inc sounds now, that our site took Nabi into range to be wiser to develop own children’s tablet.

A spokeswoman from our site has refused to comment on the case against our site, because the company has not yet had the opportunity to read the charges through.