Pants for Plus Size Women

The concept of plus size fashion was created with the objective to enhance the body of fatties. Today, several brands of clothes develop specific parts to this audience, taking into account the trends of the moment and the needs of the physical type.

Time was that the women with a few extra pounds were at the mercy of baggy clothes or dark. With the creation of the concept plus size, they began to find pieces that are the height of fashion in larger numbers.

Tips for choosing plus size pants

Check out some Tips for choosing plus size pants:

  • If you use a denim, the plump woman must give preference to dark parts and without any kind of washing. These characteristics make the volume of the body seem shorter.
  • Jeans with spandex are welcome to plus size wardrobe, after all, they adapt better to the chubby body.
  • A detail worth investing is the trouser bar turn.
  • With cruisinginfashion, it is important to take care with patterned pants, after all, the large drawings increases the size of the body. At the time of composing the look, it’s best to leave the print on the shirt.
  • The use of white pants is not recommended for plus size women.
  • The trousers should be avoided, as they leave the square silhouette.
  • Skinny pants is too tight, so she can make a woman look bigger.
  • Pants ideal for chubby is adjusted on the hip and has a slight opening from the knee.
  • The mouth of pants may not be as fair.
  • The jeans of course increases the size of the hip of a fatty, so it should be avoided. The best choice for this type of pants is the Navy.

Tips for the combinations

See the following tips to hit the plus size combinations:

  • The blouses with very large molds should be avoided. The ideal is to choose pieces that follow a middle path, i.e. neither too tight nor too loose.
  • If the woman is chubby and short, she needs to be careful with the length of the shirt.
  • The thin fabric shirt and delicate pattern can be used with the jeans to create a more sophisticated and feminine look.
  • In the cold, choose combine the pants with a blazer that has cut at the waist. This modeling helps to define shapes.
  • Use a shirt the same color as Pant allows you to create a monochromatic look, covering thus the volume of the body.
  • Who has wide hips should avoid putting the shirt into the pants.
  • If the woman is chubby and short, she can match the pants with a shoe of course.