Piaggio USB

No, don’t you look for connection that this Scooter can not plug it into the USB port of your computer. In this case the initials of the Piaggio USB they correspond to Urban Sport Bike, It is the concept that wanted to develop in Piaggio with this hybrid vehicle.

Piaggio is one of the major manufacturers of motorcycles around the world, grouping a good number of brands under the umbrella of the parent brand. Some of these brands work well, other less well and a few tremble whenever Piaggio sneeze. But this is getting into eleven staff shirts, so we are going to talk about this prototype. The press release goes back to Corradino D ’ Ascanio When the first scooter designed to explain the development that has led to Piaggio to the realization of this USB reviewed by Abbreviationfinder.

Sinuous lines are intended to give a clear relevance to the driver of the motorcycle, While they offered protection against the weather to allow the use of USB throughout the year and in any circumstance. As any current vehicle that boasts, this USB turns slightly to support a single passenger, two or a trunk of loading, depending on the use that the owner wants to give. In addition the driver’s position is halfway between that of a conventional Scooter and a car. A strategy for attracting drivers tired of jamming cars and with their meat convalidado B.

Urban Sport Bike

In paragraph propeller we find a hybrid engine, which unites motor 2T GDI Heat with a motor power of last generation coupled to the wheel back. This set allows circular 60 Km to 100 Km/h in plugin mode, while in mode zero emissions allows roll 50 Km to 60 Km/h thanks to its batteries of 2.5 Kw/h lithium-polymer. In combined mode promise a consumption of 1.5 l to 100 Km and the whole gives 200 Nm of torque, so the accelerations will be fulminant despite the 130 kg that weighs the Scooter.