Pirate Dark Glasses

The choice for ideal dark glasses should not be given by price nor by the idioms

With well-finished replicas, more and more like original models and offering more prices, pirate sunglasses still have their loyal consumers. Fortunately, that number has been declining in recent years.

According to the latest Survey of Optics, conducted in 2014 by the Brazilian Optical Industry Association (Abiópica), informality in this market segment fell, compared to the previous year. In the year of the survey, only 3.5% of the total purchases of sunglasses were made in street vendors, while in 2012 that figure was 9.4%.

Sunglasses can prevent diseases

This apparent consumer awareness is essential because, according to ophthalmologist Renato Neves, CEO of Eye Care Hospital of Olhos, in São Paulo, the original accessory, bought in optics and reliable laboratories, helps fight diseases linked to vision.

“Exaggerated exposure to the sun’s rays usually causes or, at the very least, aggravate various eye diseases. Among them, skin cancer, conjunctival cancer, pinguecula, keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), cataracts (lens opacification), solar retinopathy (retinal burn) and macular degeneration, “says the specialist.

The ideal spectacle model should contain lenses with UV filter capable of blocking between 99% and 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Therefore, it is no use to opt for fads or pirate models that do not offer any guarantee in this sense, warns the expert.

Choosing the ideal glasses model

In addition to these protection factors, other points should also be observed when choosing the accessory. At lens colors, for example. Anyone who thinks that this decision is merely a matter of personal taste is foolish. It should be influenced by the function to be performed with the glasses. Here at Newvilleoutdoor.com you can get more models of the glasses fashion.

According to Neves, each lens has a utility, with the exception of black, which is the most indicated in the ocular postoperative period. The colors of gray and brown provide more visual comfort and therefore are preferred by almost everyone. On the other hand, those who drive a lot or are over 60 usually prefer green lenses, which offer better contrast vision.

The yellow lenses, according to the ophthalmologist, are ideal for those driving at night because they reduce the discomfort of the lights coming towards the driver. “Those who practice nautical sports or marine hunting should give preference to purple or red lenses because they increase contrast vision in blue or green backgrounds.”

As with lens care, adjusting the attachment on the face is also critical. It must be placed so that on both sides there is no solar penetration from the sides. These precautions also apply especially to children, since the sun’s harmful effects are cumulative and may manifest before expected.

Therefore, in addition to investing in good sunglasses for small children, the expert’s tip is to keep them in the shade between 10am and 2pm, when UV rays are stronger, and also use hats and caps as a way of extra protection.