Plastic Water Bottles for Cycling

The Sun has finished their winter slumber and the merry month of may beckons with three public holidays (some lucky even with four). Best opportunity to get the bike out of the basement and plan the first spring tour. It so nice and relaxed is as hoped, is good preparation important. Include the appropriate route, a Checkup on bike and the right clothes. Especially with Sun and warm temperatures, also water bottles should not be missing.

Route: Check

To find a good bike, no problem is online. Alone the General German Bicycle Club (ADFC) on its homepage almost 100 various bike paths and trails presents, including many that have been certified by a private label. Undecided hobby bikers can put together their tour by using a route planner, taking into account region, degree of difficulty and special landscape requests. Small best of: the Altmühltal-Radweg across Bavaria, the Weser cycle path from the Weserbergland to the confluence of the North Sea, the Baltic Sea cycle route by Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the volcano cycle path to the Vogelsberg mountains in Hesse, Germany. A tip from our own ranks: The Altes land near Hamburg with the may-typical cherry and Apple blossoms – it is worth!

Plastic Water Bottles for Cycling

Bike: Check

In autumn is the best time to make the bike fit. Before the wheel for the winter break in the basement, frames, handles, cables and chain of dirt and soil should be free. So, “do not eat” them into the material and facilitate the spring cleaning later. Who has not made it, dressing it now even more diligently.

What’s still missing is a technical check. Brake and light work? The tires are well inflated, stuck the spokes or must it be tightened? Thorough cyclists consider also heavily stressed parts such as the handlebar or Seatpost on damage. Last step: lubricate the chain. Who would like to do this don’t take from the wheel takes special chain lubricating devices in the sports business. Simply fill the chain oil in the tanks, pull the chain and the wheel is ready to go.

Tools and clothing: Check

Little helpers such as air pump, patch kit, nuts and bolts are in the range of every hobby cyclist. The Water Bottles Shop gives more tips for the tool pack list. On longer paths cyclists should prepare also for all weather and driving conditions. Waterproof jackets with an extended back and hood, comfortable shirts and trousers, whose Beine do not fall into the chain are recommended. The right shoes are not rocket science: light sneakers with firm soles are completely sufficient. Who shows courage to the color, is considered better in traffic.

Water bottles: Check

Drink, drink, drink the motto not only in warm weather. Almost every bike has a device for water bottles should be used. Bike bottles with anatomical shape, which are pleasantly in your hand and do not disturb while driving are recommended. Water bottles made of metal as well as plastic bottles are relatively shatterproof plastic bottles, but more flexible. Pressure on the bottle the athletes can absorb more water in less time than in a metal water bottle.

Water bottles with an extra cover that protects the mouthpiece – ideal for tours all over wet forest floor, because the oral valve is protected against water spray or rain are also recommended. The lid opens by pulling even while driving easily. The water bottle has no such protection, a little hint: the bigger the opening of sports bottle, the better can be cleaned them.