Plus Size Men’s Clothes: Where to Buy

A new category of fashion is having success in the market, this is the plus size male. The concept supports the idea of creating clothes in larger sizes for men who are overweight.

The fat boys dressed in any way and even seemed to have the body bulkier than the reality. However, the plus size fashion sought to modernize the wardrobe of the boys, offering casual and formal parts consistent with the main fashion trends.

In 2012, the Fashion Weekend Plus Size had your first show of plus size men’s clothing. The models ‘ fatties ‘ marched to the Lee brand, which has a category specifically geared to this audience.

Where to buy plus size men’s clothes?

Some stores have already created unique categories of clothes for fat. See:

The Dafiti, considered one of the largest stores of clothes and shoes online, has a unique sector of plus size men’s clothing. Consumers are various models of t-shirts, pants and shirts in large sizes. The prints are modern and quality fabrics.

The virtual store Leopardi works with the best models of clothes to meet the needs of fatties. On the site you can find tank tops, jeans, shirts, jackets, among other items.

Lunender Store
The Lunender is a clothing brand that has a unique collection for fat. In the shop there are many modern pieces for sale, such as sweatshirts, Plaid Shirt, Paisley shirt v-neck, polo shirt, tank top, among others.

On Posthaus you can find plus size men’s clothes from top brands such as Lunender, Malwee and BO Company. There are shorts, shirts, pants, tank tops, t-shirts and jackets.

Plus size male fashion tips

To choose your clothes, the man needs to take into account your comfort, the season, your personal style and trends of the season. Check out some valuable tips on plus size fashion menswear:

  • To hide the extra pounds, the man can bet on shirts with darker shades.
  • Loose clothing too should be avoided.
  • The bermuda is a perfect item for the casual look. It can be used with sandals or sneakers.
  • The silhouette can be lengthened with vertical stripes, collar U or V.
  • The chubby men should avoid tight pants, anyway, they mark the body. The most appropriate is to choose a template straight and loose.
  • Print with horizontal stripes is prohibited.
  • The boys who are overweight should avoid using the white-out.
  • The less visual information has the look of the chubby, the better the result.