Possible Theme Weddings

Many bridal couples is a simple wedding too boring. The yes word should not only be memorable, but also extraordinary. A motto wedding is then often the choice of bride and groom-from exciting to romantic playful. But important is that the motto is found in all elements of the wedding. This starts with the invitation card, the right dresscode, the location and the wedding stanza. An African motto is not to agree with a fairy tale cake. Whoever plans a motto wedding should therefore examine all details carefully. However, there are plenty of themes to choose from. Who has the choice, has the agony!

Weddings Of Past Years: From The Twenties To The Nineties

Vintage is in. The glamor of past times lures many a couple. A wedding can therefore be arranged according to the different decades. The wedding in the style of the twenties, for example, is based on discreet colors in the decoration, live band, the Foxtrott, Charleston and Co plays as well as narrow-cut wedding dresses. For the ladies, featherboas are almost a must, with the gents, suspenders and fabric caps are suitable. A wedding in the style of the 50s is mostly entirely influenced by Elvis Presley Johnny Cash and other musical greats of that time. Petticoat, pumps and topped hair worn here by the ladies, the men can grab leather jacket and jeans a la James Dean. Musically there are Rock’n Roll and Boogie-Woogie.

Of course, the bride and groom here in an appropriate vintage car to the altar, the decoration of the location can be dipped in black and white or with conspicuous dot pattern. Colorful, on the other hand, it becomes a 70s wedding. Pants and lava lamp are a must here. Plateaus, Abba and Queen are other key words of this decade. A suitable venue for the celebration would be the “Saturday Night Fever” a disco. It will be quite shrill, who decides for the motto of the 90s. Neon colors are here, boybands are running from the band, the location could be the domestic party cellar. Mini skirt, Hotpants and Baggy Pants belong here to the Dresscode on the invitation card.

Bungee Or Parachute Wedding: Wedding Under High Voltage

Adrenaline is part of the relationship for many a couple. Therefore, an ordinary wedding on safe ground is not for this bride and groom. Such lovers can say “Yes” among others:

Bungee wedding

Parachute wedding

Underwater wedding.

At the bungee wedding, the yes word is given before the actual jump, because the ceremony takes place on the jumping plateau. At the parachute wedding may be married during the event. However, experience with tandem jumps is an advantage. In both cases, helmet cameras can capture the important moments. The wedding company is waiting at the location and can follow the whole spectacle from the safe ground. It is important for the bride and groom not to carry too long a train or a general headgear. Afterwards, the bride and groom will go to the party with the entire wedding party-which is, of course, decorated with the “jump to marriage”.

Whom it draws more deeply, can be trusted with an existing diving underwater. Here the bride exchanges her dress with a neoprene suit. The yes word is not pronounced, but written down. In a suitable aquarium (some of the officials offer officially as an outsider), the wedding guests can follow the entire wedding on the window.

From Rustic To Exotic: Fairytale Wedding, Peasant Jubilee Or Indian Festival

A wedding motto can, however, also correspond to a couple’s preference, hobby and rice elust. Who is Western fan can say “Yes” in cowboy hat and on horseback. A wedding in the peasant style usually takes place on country farms, the seating is rustic, the food is more like a bretzeit. If you like it indian, you can not do without moccasins, tipi and matching feather head decoration. Depending on the ceremony, Indian rituals can also be included in the ceremony (certainly restricted at a church wedding). Other breeding areas are from white coaches, cinderella dresses and princes to Ross. At the fairy tale wedding, it can usually not be playful and pompous enough. Also any country or region of the world can serve as a motto for the wedding. Popular Motti can be selected, among others:





or Bavarian.

Oriental weddings are suitable for ladies who dream of 1001 nights. Belly dancing and playful clothes are a must. In a beach club, a Caribbean wedding can be celebrated. Fruity cocktails, coconuts in the decoration and seafood on the buffet belong among other things to this. The Bavarian wedding calls for dirndl and leather trousers. The wedding dinner consists of pork knuckles and dumplings, the marching band plays traditional music. As showhighlight can serve here a yodel performance.