Q&Q Solar Watch Review

An unusual, trendy watch can transform a look in no time.

The exceptional solar clocks from It-Label  Q & Q can do much more than that, since it the latest technology with a sustainable and charitable embossed corporate philosophy and stylish designs combine.

How it works? Now Learn all about the trendy must-haves in the detailed portrait! I wish you much fun exploring this very special wow Pieces!

Solar Watch Q & Q: Trend-pieces made in Japan

The innovative solar watches of Q & Q were only available in Japan for a long time. In 2014 launched Citizen Finally, the parent company of It-fire, the wonderful Smile Solar models on the international market. The result: A few months later, the precipitated Trend Pieces were on everyone’s lips and had found countless fans. The reasons for this great success are manifold.

Firstly, there is of course the unmistakablestyle factor of unisex watches.

These cool timepieces feature a series absolutely different, all exceptional designs.

So you can find in the current collection both sleeke white models, which are dominated by the trend-color 2015 and colorful polka-dot versions, guaranteed attract attention. In this multi-faceted selection is guaranteed to find every fashion connoisseur his personal favorite,

On the other side convinced Q & Q but also by its highly sustainable production and so all watches made by CentralLEDWatch ​​exclusively from recycled materials. The integrated in each model solar technology also converts light into energy, which batteries are unnecessary-also a big plus for the environment.

But Finally, the international trend-fire also impressed by their charitable activities. In fact, donates Q & Q part of the proceeds of each watch sold to the charity Table for Two, which has set itself the goal to enable school children in Africa and Asia daily lunch.

Absolutely stylish solar watches that give each carrier thanks to eco-friendly and charitable corporate philosophy feel good-with the Smile Solar series has Q & Q a modern success story done that hits the zeitgeist!

Solar Watch Q & Q: The extraordinary technology

The exceptional technology, which the Smile Solar watches owe their name goes on the iconic Eco-Drive drive the over-fire Citizen back. This technology, which makes batteries and maintenance unnecessary, was of Citizen developed in 1976.

The mechanism in brief: Each Eco-Drive watch is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that is charged via a solar cell.

This solar cell is again printed and serves as a dial of each timepiece.

Now, when light strikes the cell, it converts to emerging radiation in energy, supplying the battery.

And the best: The so-designed timepieces run itself without lights on. These so-called dark power reserve is at the Smile Solar series whopping 100 days.

You can your trendy companion so let theoretically occur after one-time charge for three months in the dark, without it stops ticking. This unique technology is not only extremely practical, but also extremely environmentally friendly-two characteristics that are absolutely unbeatable in this combination and make the Smile Solar watches for me to have real-wool pieces.