Researchers Claim Pregnant Women Can Take Iodine to Increase Infant IQ

Recent research claims that the lack of iodine in the pregnant woman may form fetuses with problems in the intellect.

Researchers Claim Pregnant Women Can Take Iodine to Increase Infant IQ

Kelly Key is a famous Brazilian singer, like every celebrity, she lives publishing on her social networks, everything she does during the day and when she was pregnant with her third child, she posted a photo taking iodine.

The singer revealed to her followers that she was taking dietary supplementation with iodine for medical advice so that her child had a good development and a higher IQ (Intelligence Quotient).

The followers of the singer and also who was not were in doubt, because until a while back iodine was not part of the list of essential minerals and vitamins prescribed for pregnant women for healthy development of the fetus.

Pregnant women can take iodine to increase babies’ IQ

It is important to say that not all pregnant women need to take iodine and the dosage varies. Each case should be evaluated separately and nothing taken from iodine on its own.

Iodine is present in the production of thyroid hormones, which is very important for the fetal growth, cognitive, intellectual and neurological development.

Pregnant women with iodine deficiency may experience a delay in the baby’s growth, causing a future dysfunction in the infant’s intellectual development.

Does every pregnant woman need iodine supplementation?

In fact, iodine supplementation is indicated for those pregnant women who are very deficient in this substance.

In general, pregnant women have too much iodine in the body because it can be obtained through food such as salt. Excessive iodine also does not do the fetus good because it causes thyroid disorders.

Foods rich in iodine

Many foods are rich in iodine and should be consumed moderately, some are: fish, milk, shrimp, egg, liver, bacon and others.

In summary, iodine supplementation is indicated for pregnant women with a lack of this substance.

This can cause the baby’s low intellectual development, however, iodine can only be consumed with the medical prescription.

Generally, pregnant women do not need to take iodine supplementation.

Therefore, if you are pregnant, talk to your doctor and perform all the tests to find out if you are deficient in some vitamin and nutrient, if the case is very serious, the doctor will give you a supplement so that the baby has a healthy and normal development.

Pregnant women can not take any supplements without talking to their obstetrician because they can harm the baby and even cause a miscarriage so take care.