Retro Jean Skirt


If you look closely, the denim shirt was never really out. But it had phases. In its various decades denim shirts were often in the foreground. They mixed the fashion with new interpretations, revised Designer models, new cuts and colorations. At other times the typical blue jeans appeared rather discreetly into the background. Who loved shirts cotton denim she wore, however, even if they were just not hip. The jeans look comes namely many men opposed the ideal leisure look. Jeans and Shirt are many years of often preferred casual look for men. At one time invented purely as a work shirt, denim shirts is enjoyed in the eighties high popularity in the men at the latest. By now, the jeans had received cult status. She could feel ennobled because large fashion houses and world-renowned designers they discovered for themselves. The casual jeans look prompted some men this time to show with unbuttoned denim shirt over trousers a hairy chest and well-trained six-packs. This may impress some lady, but not the supervisor-at least if you met this unexpectedly. Man wearing the denim shirt then preferably in the Lang arm version and rolled up his sleeves in heat high. The short-sleeved shirt was when real men not cool enough. But it was certainly cooler than a long-sleeved shirt made ​​of solid denim fabric. The exception among the Jean carriers were those men who completely cut off the sleeves of their denim shirts immediately after purchase. They showed their muscle bulk so without disturbing cover and did not accept that a too narrow sleeves spanning anywhere. The alternative to this outfit was for muscle-bound men’s sleeveless “Muscle Shirt”. For the mid-nineties the casual shirt denim moved in the fashion world again into the background. Man wearing in leisure now more of a comfortable shirt with or without print. Alternatively casual plaid shirts or airy seersucker summer shirts were all the rage.Meanwhile, the denim shirt has experienced several revivals in fashion universe – including all currently.It is in 2016 as a must-have for the fashion-conscious men. The denim shirt is now available in various fits, sleeve lengths and colorings to the man. This led many men to name more than a denim shirt as a leisure outfit her own.

Retro Jean Skirt


Hardly a fashion has over the decades proved so durable, adaptable and versatile as the Jeanswear. The inventor of the jeans would have been amazed at the viability and universal mutability of its workwear. Shirts and pants of denim but have visually changed over time. The designers have invented it anew. The modern denim shirts are still yet to make their traditional values. Jeans are still used as working clothes. But a denim shirt is no longer only available in blue and in all possible shades of blue. The denim fabric may now also be colored white, black, light gray, camel brown, rust or beige. He must have points, paisley pattern, tiger stripes and checkered or diamond pattern. Modern Denim shirts may have been designed as a short-sleeved shirt with “Slim Fit” or “super slim fit”. The fabrics for denim shirts fall nowadays usually made ​​of lighter and softer than before. The thinner shirt qualities can enrich the wardrobe of fashion-conscious men in Chambray-quality.

Denim shirts with one or two chest pockets are well-stocked with providers to find just like denim shirts without breast pocket. Man wearing the casual denim shirt under or over trousers. Men with style combine it with a white shirt and wearing the denim shirt openly. The cool shirt about shirts may also comprise a Henley neckline or a classic collar type with rivets today. In some men, there is also the collar variant as button-down or spread collar and a small band collar yourself. Among many denim shirts today peep through large arm tattoos. This affects particularly male-significantly when the clothing is plain and visually withdraws. Cowboy types continue to love the classic western shirt in denim. It may like to exhibit stylized Western-embroidery on the collar, rustic-looking rivets or leather trim on pockets and shoulders. With matching color cowboy boots or biker boots are employed even a fashionable accent on top.

Some man buys a denim shirt with shoulder braid in military look. Fashionable daredevils even venture out to a loose fitted denim shirt in Kimono cut with frayed hems. Rarely you will be at one with Mr taste a rust see colored denim shirt. The favored color for denim shirts is still blue, followed by bright, beige or gray denim shirts. Never before has the denim shirt was fashionable so variable and diverse as today.The “distressed”, dip dyed denim shirt variants and distinct bleaching are discovering here and there.The two-tone look with the classic rivets is still found in the range. In short, there is apparently no look that can not cope with a denim shirt.

How do I combine my denim shirt right?

Basically, there are the clothes rules on denim shirts not too much to say. Denim shirts are pure leisure shirts, that’s for sure. In the business context, the casual denim shirts often do not fit – unless the dress codes in the office are very loose. Wherever the boss proper Anzuuml; ge, cufflinks and tie pins expected an unconventional denim shirt ensures that you will be looked down upon. Career Conducive is a casual jeans outfit not guaranteed. Even though it is now in normal jobs in order to carry a semi-formal look, the rules of dress codes should be aware of. Only in his own business you may set other standards.

The all-over-jeans look, are supported at the shirt and jeans all the same color, is currently not so popular. While you can put basically, what you want for this variable type shirt. But if you look closer, establish themselves among the young hip looks, outmaneuver the other outfit versions fashionable. For example, the man of the world wears his denim shirt today closed top collar button. It used to be that as stuffy. These currently one wears a full beard and a cool haircut. A naked man’s chest show today only the notorious Upper Machos. They are rather covered in their spare time. The young men are paying attention much more on style. They usually prefer certain jeans brands with which they can identify.

Fashion-conscious men pulling the denim shirt fundamentally contrasting trousers. Is this also a denim trousers, this should be much brighter or darker. If pants and shirt have different shades of the hue blue, it just looks more interesting. Shirt and pants are ideally monochromatic. The denim shirt may also be patterned. Serve with a light Chino, dark Bermuda shorts or a black buffalo leather pants perfectly.Whether it helps trainers, western boots, boat shoes, the trendy Chelsea boots or fine leather shoes is up to personal taste and individual style. What convinced the modern denim shirts even today, is their immense joy and their combination indestructible robustness. The longer you wear them, the better look denim shirts.


Even top fashion houses such as Stella McCartney, Gucci, Chloé, Willy Bogner and Yves Saint Laurent set for some time again fully on denim.Notorious denim shirt carriers are found in abundance among the celebrities without this fact. On the red carpet of the film known metropolises to wear traditional dress. But in the run Leisure men as the actors Clint Eastwood, George Clooney or Brad Pitt, rock singers like Roger Daltrey of “The Who” or Bon Jovi happy times in the comfortable denim shirt around town. The classic denim shirt type was until today unforgotten James Dean. Thirty years ago, you had a denim shirt – similar to a pair of jeans-add only. It felt board stiff after washing and wearing to only gradually soft. The modern denim shirts are much thinner and therefore more comfortable. In “Regular Fit” they fall out easily. In “Modern Fit”, with “Slim Fit” and “Super Slim Fit” they sit differently-fitting.

Men of all ages combine the lightweight cotton denim today Denim shirts, depending on outside temperatures, shirts or cotton cardigans, sweaters or cardigans. Fashionable up to date is also a casual round neck looped scarf. Tie or bow tie is not worn for denim shirt per se, although it is quite. Because with a blazer or a dark blue suit jacket and a denim shirt can certainly hammer out a semi formal look.For this fit quality designer leather shoes best. Thus one can certainly go to the office, for example, on “Casual Friday”. Condition is that the dress code and the industry also allow such casual outfits.

The denim shirt is and remains masculine because of its distinctive style. It is in a feminine cut but also the women to shame. The classics can be embroidered with Western designs or come along very classic.You can optionally combine monochrome or finely striped shirts with the famous denim shirt. You should avoid, however, to wear a T-shirt with striking print under a short-sleeved shirt worn open. A large-area print at the end accepts two outwear the visual effect. Still restless, it is when the arms are also still tattooed extensively.