Return The Night to Android Nougat with Night Mode Enabler

The “fall” of the night mode of the final version of Android Nougat has been a little anticlimática. Thus missed by many has a history worthy of a telenovela. First we thought that we would in Marshmallow, then in Nougat… Maybe not, today Google is not sufficiently satisfied with how it has been to keep it enabled by default.

But the night mode, it, haylo. As it could not be otherwise, there is an application also for this purpose. Specifically, for activate the hidden button in the quick settings that activate the night – mode not dark theme – and whose function is to basically change the tinting of the image to filter the supposedly bad Blue light.

You do not need root

To bring back from beyond the grave to the night mode button the first thing you should do is activate System UI Tunner (with a click in the options button. If you have already done so, open Night Mode Enabled and press the only button available in the window. As if by magic, there are a new bullet -night mode – that can be included.

You’ll find three options in Android Nougat night mode. The possibility of that is start automatically (some users report that it does not seem to work correctly), which automatically adjust the tone screen (filtering blue light and, therefore, displaying a screen in a shade of Orange) and one that fits the brightness.

It should be recalled that the night mode and the dark subject are two things very similar but different. The previous application is able to relive the night mode, but not the dark theme. This option appears to be that really left out of Nougat… at least for now.

Night Mode Enabler1

  • Developer: Mike Evans
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Customization