Risque Color Effect Glitter

The fashion season glazes is smashing. There’s more news on the new collection Penelope of Risque!

Do you like holographic nail polish with glitter or red velvet nail polish? The new collection of Risqué will conquer who loves this kind of enamel. The brand released the collection “Risqué Color Effect” with six colors.

The marriage of fashion and technology has worked very well, either in the very concept of fashion or even built into your modus operandi. It mixes the technological lifestyle, hectic and intense current life. The Color Effect of Risque collection has the fashion concept and technology with modern powders.

The glazes are extravagant, imposing and full of sparkles. The colors are enchanted (red velvet with orange and red mix), love potion (red with gold glitter), Stars (a blue one that wants to be black), black widow (black with red sparkles), Risqué Beetle (purple green) and Mirage blue (blue holographic closed).

The suggested retail price for each glaze is 2.75 R$, and the Color Effect collection of Risque are now available in TheInternetFAQs. You may have a look at the collection.

Girls, do you like the colors?  Comment what you think about this collection of enamels.