Samsung Galaxy Note 7, Chronicle of a Death Foretold

The saga of Galaxy Note 7 has just given a twist that, although it was come, surprises by the convoluted situation. After starting the programme of replacement of defective units, it was confirmed that the supposedly safe new models also arden. Faced with such a complex situation, Samsung decided to halt sales of its phablet while researching more on the matter. But the thing was not there and finally happened the inevitable: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead.

When the first cases were known already spoke of the damage it would cause to the prestige of the brand, but the truth is that Samsung responded quickly and blunt, recognizing its mistake and offering a solution to its customers. However, recover from this second blow would be very complicated. At the end Samsung has not left another output that stop, not only sales, but also the production of the Galaxy Note 7. This is how we got this far.

The most anticipated mobile summer went out frog

Many were deposited expectations Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but joy was rather short, and shortly after its release started the controversy by defective batteries, a controversy that far go out, is more heated than ever.

Whole issue of defective batteries began in early September and, though the problem affecting a small percentage of terminals, Samsung not pulse trembled him. The company organized a program of replacements so that all clients that had been made with a Note 7 could replace it with a new and completely safe, or that said.

Samsung not trembled pulse and organized a program of replacements so that all clients that had been made with a Note 7 could replace it with a completely safe, or that said.

The process of substitutions or ‘recall’, began around the middle of last month and everything seemed to go well until a few days ago we learned that new explosions had occurred -one even caused the evacuation of a plane- and this time it was replacement units. In this case the response of Samsung has done wait a little longer, but in the end has come, although it has done so in two phases.

First stop sales…

Upon hearing the cases of Note 7 “insurance” that had produced fires, all expected the official of the company, a response to response as we said It was not as fast or not so strongly. This is what Samsung in the statement released just a few hours:

We are working with regulators to investigate recent cases on Galaxy Note 7. Since the safety of consumers continues to be our top priority, Samsung will ask all operators and distributors globally to stop sales and replacement of Galaxy Note 7 while the investigation continues.

We remain committed to work diligently with the relevant regulatory authorities to take all necessary steps to resolve the situation. Customers with an original Galaxy Note 7 or a Galaxy Note 7 of replacement should turn off the device, stop using it and take advantage of available solutions.

The truth is that statement from Samsung is pretty decaf if we compare it with the gravity of the situation, and the fact that pass once is already serious, but If you pass two times in a row the thing is complicated and, as you might expect, the problem has not been there.

During the days prior to the release of the brand, were several voices that pointed to a much more drastic solution. A major South Korea news agency claimed yesterday that Samsung had completely stopped production of the 7 Note, a theory that, in principle, was not confirmed, but that reality has finished doing.

…and now the production

Although Samsung has resisted, ultimately did not have many more outlets and South Korean brand has decided to stop production of the Note 7 indefinitely, which means that the short life of the Galaxy Note 7 has come to an end.

As we mentioned, the news already yesterday came through the Yonhap News Agency, but not confirmed in its first release, which spoke only of stopping sales to put an end to the ongoing investigation by Samsung. At last, Samsung has confirmed what we all feared in a terse statement to the WSJ:

The safety of our customers is our first priority, we have decided to stop sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7.

It is early to know the consequences that will have all of this, but what is clear is that the prestige he enjoyed the series Note has been made shattered by all this controversy and, although to a lesser extent, also the prestige of the trademark.

The truth is that the outcome of this story we not caught by surprise, especially after the outbreak of fires in supposedly safe units. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might have survived the first recall, but not the second and the manufacturer did not have many more options that kill that day was the best phablet on the market.

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