Samsung Good Lock 24.0.14 Lets You Choose The Colors of The Interface with Precision

Samsung Good Lock is an experiment in interface of Samsung UI System the system amending for update the Touchwi interfacez with a new look and functions in the notifications bar, recent applications lock screen.

Although he started his career in a very limited number of devices as the Galaxy S7, and then almost any other Samsung had Marshmallow and therefore they could not install Good Lock, since Marshmallow has spread to many more models of the company, extending the usefulness of Good Lock to more terminals.

This interface allowed you already set up a color scheme preferred “Routines”, though you could only choose a main color, and the rest of the colors are generated automatically based on that. The idea is good, but some combinations were slightly aberrant, so the new version allows you to pick all the colors to your liking and other changes.

I like this color

To change the colors of Samsung Good Lock you must go to the settings, first deploying notifications, and entering the routines section. Editing the default routine You can choose the color scheme in the second step of the wizard. The difference is the new button Custom, to customize colors.

So far only Good Lock let you change the order of self-generated secondary colours to change to what applies. The new color picker gives you total control over all the colors of the color scheme that compose each routine.

Transparent notification

Another novelty available to everyone are semi-transparent notifications on the lock screen. This option is disabled for default, available in the Advanced menu- Translucent card in Lockscreen notification. It does exactly that, return semitransparent lock screen notifications so that you can keep seeing your beautiful wallpaper.

Exclusive enhancements to Note 7

In addition to rigor fixes, this update of Good Lock has several unique functions for the terminal hit of this year, the Galaxy Note 7. Specifically, it is the compatibility with the different intensity for the flashlight, the side panels of the edge on the lock screen, the cover LED and the Blue light filter.

If you want it, you need the APK

Samsung Good Lock is officially distributed only through Samsung Galaxy Apps in United States, so the rest of the world is forgotten to their fate. Nothing prevents you from download the APK and try it, if you have a Terminal Samsung with Marshmallow. Some users are reporting that this update consumes them too much battery, others deny it, so it is never more have it in mind.