Samsung Us Reminds The S7 Galaxy Is Not a Note 7

Although it may seem obvious to you, reader Xataka Android that you are aware of all the comings and goings of technology and Android, many other people have a more superficial knowledge of their phones. In recent weeks the news, and not only the technological, are filled with reports of phones exploding, burning it and smoking, and Samsung wants to make sure that is it not spreading panic.

So you can read the popup notification by Sammobile where in a brief message is reported to the owner of a Galaxy S7 that “your Galaxy S7 is not an affected device. You can continue using your device normally.” Share company, name and number, but although it seems a truism, a Galaxy S7 is a Note 7 and therefore you don’t have to worry.

Samsung still doesn’t know the cause

It is estimated that Samsung will take a few weeks to know what happens exactly with his former phablet star, rest in peace, although there are some theories that the curve of the screen together with an ever smaller space inside could have at least part of the blame.

We will leave doubts soon, but with news so it is understandably has a Galaxy S7, and moreover a S7 Edge, as little in alert. That is what tries to avoid Samsung with the notification or, without going any further, the paragraph of the official communication where it is said that “we want to reassure all consumers Samsung Galaxy Note7 is the only affected device”

It is true that there has been also reports of Galaxy S7 is on fire These days, but with the boom in the information about the Note 7 have developed a hypersensitivity in which any incident jumps to the news. Although we don’t like thinking about it, our phones are heated, overheat and sometimes are burned completely, regardless of make and model.

The Galaxy S7 It is already half a year between us, and if I had a problem as the the Note 7 we would have known it long. We will know more when Samsung officially informed of why their Note 7 had this problem. Taking into account that they are offering Galaxy S7 in replacement by Note 7 (more the difference in price), they also had a problem would loop the loop in excess. A recall is bad; two, very bad; three would be catastrophic.

In any case, the best is to keep caution not only with our phones, but with any other device with battery.