Samsung Will Collect Nearly Two Million Galaxy Note 7 Only in United States

If the most hexed phone last year was the Xperia Z3 + and its easy to overheat, This year he has had to Note 7 Galaxy with its battery can explode and cause serious material and physical damage. Samsung said at the time that was due to a manufacturing defect in SDI According to which the anode and cathode joined to cause overheating.

Samsung delegated, therefore in ATL and LG Chem the manufacture of new batteries and replace these terminals with the “dangerous”. However, the cases followed happening in several countries, so the Korean manufacturer has not been you no choice but to stop the production of the phablet and ask for its return.

The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), responsible for ensuring that products are safe so that the consumer does not have problems with them, has given a series of facts about the cases that have collected in the United States. The first fact is that Samsung will collect 1.9 million Galaxy Note 7 in U.S. land.

According to the CPSC, Samsung has received 96 reports, 13 of which there were burns to the person and there was material damage (car, hotel room, among many others) in 47. The main U.S. carriers have ceased to sell the terminal.

Beyond that, according to the CPSC, Samsung has received 96 reports of batteries that overheated in that country, which include 23 cases subsequent to September 15, date in which it was announced the first ‘recall’. Of these 96 cases, 13 of them are cases of burns to people and 47 cases in which there have been other damage.

Samsung recommends turning off phones and take advantage of alternatives proposed by acquiring a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge with the return of the difference or the return the total amount. The main carriers of the United States (AT & T, Verizon, etc), as well as stores such as Best Buy have decided to stop selling the phablet.