Seductive Colors for Your Wedding: Purple and White

You chose Lila for your wedding as a wedding color? There you will surely like this beautiful spring wedding of Elizabeth and James. The two have many accents in purple set, in particular by the great Blumendeko. But also the bridesmaids are enchanting in the purple dress – a wonderful contrast to the bride in white.

Let yourself be inspired by the deco in purple.The romantic wedding under a large oak is delighted with beautiful rustic elements and very cute flowers …

Purple is the color of mind and spirituality, has something mystical and stylish.That is why Lila is very popular as a wedding color and offers creative possibilities especially in the field of flower decoration.

Wedding in Purple: Getting Ready

To her rather simple wedding dress, Elizabeth wore a long, veiled veil . The eyecatcher:Your beautiful bridal bouquet with many purple elements . This is exactly the opposite of the bridesmaids. Purple dresses and little white bouquets. A great picture give the ladies together!

Wedding decoration in purple

If your wedding decoration is to be purple, then this wedding offers some inspiration.From the XXL balloons at the entrance over rustic glass lanterns in the trees to the beautiful flower decoration at the chair rows at the wedding ceremony – for the Lila wedding, the bridal couple have come up with very beautiful decoides in purple.

Our tip:If you have selected purple or violet as a wedding color, you can use wonderful lavender at the decoration. Many ideas can be found in our article “Harmonious wedding decoration with lavender”.

Wedding ceremony under the large oak

The place of the wedding ceremony: Outdoor under a wide oak. To “live music”comes the bride with her dad around the corner. In front of her the sweet flowers of the blossom spread out.

Elegant wedding cake for celebration in the tent

The wedding ceremony is celebrated by the wedding company in a large tent with an elegant wedding bouquet, dance and a cheerful mood.

Wedding decoration in lilac, bridal bouquet & co. From our picture gallery